Why You Should Sell The Car You Love

Posted by at 12 July 2017, at 12 : 36 PM

Why You Should Sell The Car You Love

It’s been a labor of love. You’ve spent more dollars than you can remember earning bringing her back to life and looking gorgeous. No wonder you love this car so much! After months of painstaking work and restoration, your vehicle is something you’re proud of. You want to show it off, and you’re probably spending just as much time admiring it as you did cleaning her up. So why on earth would you want to sell it?

Will She Protect You?

Despite the fact vehicles are just machines, we do have a tendency to become personally attached. Perhaps, you’ve named your car? Or maybe you talk to it as you drive? No, you’re not crazy – this is just human nature. Is it a reason to sell it? No, but if you can become attached psychologically to your car in this way, what happens if you are hurt in a collision when driving this car?

Car accidents play on the mind. Even if you walk away unscathed, you can start to wonder if it’s time to pick a safer car. Every year there are new developments in safety innovations that leave our classic beauties further and further behind. With none of these safety features in your car, are you worried you might get hurt? There will always be specialist companies like Casey Shomo Law to help you should that happen. But if you’re concerned you’re not as safe as you could be, would you sell it to reduce your risk of injury?

Will She Clear Out Your Wallet?

There might be other issues that you worry about, like the availability of parts to repair her yet again. High maintenance vehicles really do take up a lot of your time. If something happens that causes damage to your car after all that work, you might well feel like giving it all up and selling her on. Something as simple as weathering can cause problems with classic cars. Sure, you can start replacing things and using modern treatments. But then you’re stepping further and further away from the ‘original condition’ you were hoping for.

Why You Should Sell The Car You Love

The cost of fuel has risen, and the governments around the world are discussing banning fuels like diesel. You might be wondering what that means for your classic car. Nothing is set in stone yet, but there is a chance that you will struggle to find the right fuel for your vehicle. You might decide that electric is so cheap, you would prefer a contemporary model anyway. What will you do with your classic vehicle if that happens?

Getting Something Back

How much have you spent on your car? Perhaps you can’t remember an exact figure. But you can check how much your beloved wheels are worth now. You might be pleasantly surprised. Would you be tempted to cash it all in and treat yourself to something new? You might be able to fund a new classic car restoration project and have plenty left for a vacation. Perhaps you can even pay off some of your mortgage?

Giving up a car you love is tough. But it might release the cash you need, and settle your fears and worries about safety or costs. Would you sell the car you love?

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