Red 1992 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 383 LT1 Long Block For Sale

US $28500

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Vehicle Summary



Year of Manufacture1992


Vehicle Detail

Red 1992 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 383 LT1 Long Block For Sale.

Vehicle Background:

Originally a Black 1992 z28 that I purchased with approximately 16x,xxx miles. The car was automatic with a 305 TPI. I completely stripped the car down to the frame and did a ground up rebuild, except for stripping the body off the frame and painting the frame. I did all the work I could from my own garage without a lift so that was out of the question for me.

This car is in excellent condition and has a couple scratches at the bottom edge of the front chin spoiler because it is low. I have about 80-90% of the receipts from all the parts purchased for this build and a good amount of photos I took from the tear down and build that I can provide. I took about 6.5 years to build this car.

Here are the details on the car:


Golen Engine Service 383 LT1 Long Block (Currently ~1900 mi.)
9.5:1 CR
Ultra Dyne Hyd Roller Cam
Duration: Intake – 230 degree @.050″ Exhaust – 238 degree @.050″
Lift: Intake – .573″ Exhaust – .573″
Lobe Separation – 114 degrees

LT1 Aluminum heads, ported, three angle valve job, 54cc combustion chamber,
185 cc intake runner
2.00″ Manley Stainless Steel Intake Valves, 1.56″ Manley Stainless Steel
Exhaust Valves

Block: Billet Splayed 4-bolt main, ARP Main Studs, Thermally cleaned and
stainless steel shot.
Bored .030″, honed w/ torque plates and pressure washed. Clevite cam
bearings and pioneer freeze plugs.

Crankshaft: Eagle 4340 Forged steel Crank, internal balance
Connecting Rods: Eagle 4340 Forged steel H-beam Rods 5.7″ Full Floating
Pistons: SRP Forged Blower Pistons
Rings: Hastings Performance Plasma-Moly Rings
Rocker Arms: Comp Cams Pro Magnum roller rockers 1.5 ratio
Bearing: Clevite H-series
Core plugs: Brass pioneer core plugs
Lifter: Comp Cams Hydraulic
Pushrods: Comp Cams Magnum 7.2″
Valve springs: Comp Cams 26918 valve springs
Timing Set: GM LT4 Extreme Duty Roller
Oil Delivery: Melling HIgh Volume pump, pick up tube and HD Drive
Oil Pan: Canton 6 qt Road Race
Gaskets set: Fel Pro
Head Bolts: ARP
NEW Moroso valve covers with breathers
Oil Catch can

Headers (Flowrite): Custom made 1-7/8″ stepped down to 1-3/4″ headers,
jet-hot coated, true long tubes.
true dual exhaust 3″ all the way, no x-pipe or h-pipe (would hang too low).
No cats, Magnaflow mufflers IIRC.
Custom Stainless Steel center mount oval exhaust tips ($)

Ignition: All MSD, MSD 6A, MSD Opti and plug wires

32 lb/hr Bosch III Injectors

Custom modified LT1 fuel rails to run in parallel (independent rails) with
full Aeromotive A1000 fuel system.
-10 supply line to splitter, -8 to each fuel rail, -6 return line.

Custom Griffen 1.25″ radiator for LT1 in 3rd gen with dual SPAL fans.

Complete FAST XFI 2.0 system.

ALL Autometer Phantom II guages, includes A/F ratio. All custom wiring with
new fuses.

NO Accessories, only Powermasters alternator. No A/C. Electric Mezier water

No power steering and no power brakes. Manual brakes with Wilwood master
(stops great with no issues).


6-speed conversion with 3rd gen pedals
1997 T56 (trans am) – Tick Performance Level 2 rebuild w/ options:
new bearings
cryogenic treatment (included as part of level 2 rebuild)
Spec Stage 2 clutch

12 bolt strange rear end, bolt in third gen from Spohn
Eaton Posi, no ABS
Aluminum girdle cover
3.73 gears (street gears)
standard 1350 Pinion Yoke
standard axle flanges
33 spline axles
Wilwood Dynalite Pro Series rear disc brakes (4 piston) 10.5″ drilled
rotters, wilwood pads

Custom 6-piston Wilwood brake setup for front with custom brackets, 13″
drilled rotors, Wilwood spindles

Stainless steel hardlines throughout entire car except at moving areas
where there are stainless braided lines.

Wilwood Master Cylinder – No brake booster used.


Spohn Manual Rack Conversion
Spohn tubular K-member (chromoly) with K-member braces
Spohn tubular A-arms (chromoly) with spherical rod ends
Spohn front coil over conversion with Koni Yellows
Spohn rear coil over conversion with QA1s 300# springs
UMI Double adjustable Panhard bar and relocation bar
Spohn front/rear sway bars
Spohn T-56 swap torque arm
Spohn T-56 conversion crossmember with driveshaft loop
UMI Lower control arms and relocation brackets
UMI Wonder/steering bar


Custom “Roll bar” with side bars mandrel bent for easy access in and out of
car. It has the rear hoop with two bars that run down to the rear of the
car and two that run along the doors the floor just before the firewall.

Cowl was cut, raised and smoothed out across, wipers removed and glass cut
for clean finish.
Firewall completely blocked off (except for wire harness) and made flush.
Rear mounted battery (yellow top)
Hawks SS Style hood
Hawks 5″ spoiler
Hawks new front chin/spoiler
clear front signal side marker lights
New factory style fog lights (new in box, not mounted)

Rear truck area cut and raised to fit 15 gal fuel cell.
Rear bumper cut for custom center mount exhaust

Paint is a Dodge Color (Inferno Red Crystal Pearl). I believe 5-6 coats
with 3-4 clear.
I have touch up bottles with the paint code on it.

Custom Boze Alloys Wheels


Factory dash retained, with factory 25th Anniversary z28 badge, factory
New leather racing seats with red stitching.
Red z28 shift knob.
Flaming River flat bottom steering wheel

*New speakers and wiring installed (stereo not complete – plan for custom
fiberglass stereo mounted in rear passenger seat wells). Will include
subs/amps/stereo and all other components if still available – these are
currently for sale on craigslist.

This build is setup to run 12 lbs of boost and that was my ultimate goal – D1SC Procharger. The motor is basically the same build as Golen Engine Service’s Supercharged 383 LT1 motor that made over 700 hp. The only thing left is to add the D1SC procharger. I did not plan to run anything other than 93 pump gas so 700 hp is a bit out of reach but the 600’s is certainly achievable with the supercharger.

Whoever purchases this car should only purchase the car with the intent to add a supercharger to run 9-12 lbs. Otherwise you will really miss out on the true potential of the build. Chad Golen can verify the engine build as we have been in constant communication during tuning and have developed a good relationship. I am sure he will extend the same courtesy and service to anyone who takes ownership of this vehicle.

I wasnt there for the original dyno tune but I was told the car made just under 500 hp at the crank NA with the FACTORY LT1 PCM. I had since swaped over to the FAST XFI system for better tuning ability, and efficiency. I had the car tuned with support from XFI and it is as smooth as can be but has not been dyno’d. I am currently running the car with a conservative tune and nothing aggressive to have better mpg’s until I got the supercharger on.

I have never seen a nicer thirdgen in person and with the supercharger on here this car will truly be a rare car to have in the years to come. Lots of time and money has been put into this build and my loss will be someones gain.

I am asking $28,500 OBO.

Much more was put into the car with all the parts, body work, paint, time, etc. To build another like this will easily cost 50k+ if you pay for someone to do including the cost of all the new parts. All the parts on this car were purchased NEW. I also have a clean title for the car.

I am in no rush to sell and will continue to maintain and occasionally show the car and local shows when I have time. I also have tons of original parts, random parts, fluids, and all sorts of other stuff that I’d throw in with the car as it would be more useful with the car than without.

Car located in – Long Island, New York, US.

Makes: 1989-1992 Chevy Camaro.

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