Camaro sales FAQ

Camaro sales FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How to contact a seller:
  • Contact details can be found at the bottom of the ad — a phone number or email or both. Some sellers can only be reached via the inquiry button (red button, right side) — if no email or phone visible on the ad. If you see a phone number or email or both on the ad, do not send inquiries via the inquiry button.

  • How to find Camaros for sale by locations, trims, years, price, fuel type…:
  • You can browse all Camaro cars for sale by using that big red box on the left side (on the homepage/index page, on each Camaro search page, on each blog article page, on each Camaro ad page and also, on each blog categories page). By using the box, you can browse Camaros by years (click on “all make” and choose by years or browse SOLD Camaro cars. Always skip “all models” because it’s already set to all models – we sell only 1 model here (Camaro), so there are no other models. We also sell only 1 make here (Chevrolet), so there are no other makes. That’s why “all make” is split by years and “Camaro” written after “year>make” just to make it more obvious that you don’t need to set any more models in the search box), price (can search by min + max or just min/max), and fuel type (you can skip fuel type most of the time, because it’s obvious that most of the time it’s petrol aka gasoline, unless it’s a Camaro made strictly for racing, etc…). By using years and price functions, you can easily find all Camaros for sale. However, if you want to find Camaros by a specific location or trim, go HERE[<-Click]).

  • Things you need to know about dealing with the sellers:
  • We don’t sell Camaro cars here (real cars listed here), we just allow publishing classified ads on this website. People who list these cars sell them. We are not responsible for any deals you make with the sellers. It is your and sellers responsibility.

    • Use the contact service[<-Click] page if you don’t understand something. We can answer all your questions!