1998 Chevrolet Camaro 3.8L with automatic gearbox for sale

US $7300

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Year of Manufacture1998


Vehicle Detail

1998 Chevrolet Camaro 3.8L with automatic gearbox for sale.

This Camaro has 180,285 km (112023 miles) on it. 3.8L V6 Petrol engine with 142 kW (193 PS). Automatic transmission.

Interior features: Power Assisted Steering, Central locking, Electric windows and Cruise control.

The car has alloy wheels, ABS, front airbags.

It’s not a new car and it has some small minor issues as all older cars. At this point everything is very smooth. The engine works great, starts great. No need any additional investment for this car (at least at this particular time). Everything is checked and no problems at all.

If you are not from Germany, i can speak in English and Russian languages. I have no problems of selling the car to any person as long as we can talk to each other in particular language, but all transportation of the car is your problem. All documents can be transferred without a problem.

If you require any additional information, i can give you all additional info you need. I’m not going to make more photos, because you can clearly see how the car looks, but if you really need to look more at this car, maybe a video is possible, but no guarantees. I’m expecting to sell this car as fast as possible, because there’s no room for this car in my garage, since i bought another car, that’s why i have to sell this one. It is a very good car and the only reason i’m selling it, because i got another car.

I’m asking 5,500 EUR for this car, currently it’s equal to about 7,300 $. If you can buy this car quickly, i might can reduce the price a little.

Car located in – Germany, Europe.

Makes: 1996-1998 Chevy Camaro.

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