Top Five Cars For Families So Far This Year

Posted by at 8 May 2019, at 16 : 54 PM

Top Five Cars For Families So Far This Year

There are rumors of the demise of the traditional family car such as a hatchback, but the reality is that they have been exaggerated greatly. Of course, there are things like SUVs and trucks that have grown in popularity for families, but there are still plenty of ‘traditional’ family car choices that are proving to be popular. So really, what is the appeal to the longevity to hatchbacks for families?

For starters, cars like that can make a great deal of sense for families, because they can save quite a lot of room, but have lots of space inside and offer some practicality with all of the things that you need for children and your family in the car. There are often costs that are the selling point, as SUVs can be heavier and have a lower fuel efficiency. Safety is something that is a really important consideration when it comes to family cars, which is why hatchbacks are a popular choice, as well as things like a larger MPV or an SUV.

A modern family car is also something that will usually come with some hi-tech kit to keep you all navigated to the right place, as well as keep the whole family amused on journeys of all lengths. So here are some of the best family cars that are on sale right now. Is there one that you would want to drive?

1. Skoda Octavia Hatchback: a sensible choice that is a bit more of an enjoyable drive than you might think. It has a good sized trunk for all the things you need as a family, as well as having a four-wheel-drive that will cover various aspects of driving.

2. Volkswagen Golf: A bit more costly than the Octavia, but it will get you a more plush interior, as well as a better driving experience. There is plenty of space for family things, as well as having several models to choose from, such as hybrids and all-electric versions.

3. Kia Ceed: If you go over and drive the latest Kia Ceed, then you’ll be able to appreciate quite quickly the appeal that this Korean family-car has; it makes it a real contender. It looks good, as well as have a sporty look, with a bit of a nod to the sporty Kia Stinger.

4. Toyota RAV4: The Toyota RAV4 is a pretty compact crossover with seating for five people. It makes for a smart solution for small to medium-sized families. It has done so well in many comfort tests, and it has shown to be comfortable, no matter the number of hours you spend with children in tow. If you are looking for a bargain, then checking out some Toyota trucks for sale can be a great idea to get something like this, but perhaps a little bigger, for a good deal.

5. Ford Focus: The new Ford Focus is one of the most comfortable with no cramped back passenger seats. The fuel efficiency is pretty impressive, and there are great features such as autonomous emergency braking.

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