5 Series Black BMW E60 Tinted Windows Sedan 1920×1080 HD

Posted by at 5 November 2014, at 23 : 52 PM

5 Series Black BMW E60 Tinted Windows Sedan 1920×1080 HD

Car of the day – 5 Series Black BMW E60 Tinted Windows Sedan 1920×1080 HD


Responsive acceleration, lively style, precise handling, and excellent brakes are the key features of BMW 5 Series cars. These models have nostril end front looks that may embrace certain drivers but if you are looking for a technology and performance filled car, then this can be the best choice for you.

All the cars in the 5 series are powered by six cylinders and all wheel drive is supported rather than rear wheel drive of the previous series. Six sped manual and six speed automatic transmission shifts are available enabling the buyer to choose anything that he prefers. Trims of BMW 5 Series also contain V8 engines that are more powerful.

The 2008 models include rear LED lights, modern design for steering wheel, modified head lights, and improved door panels. These changes make the cars look different from the previous models. The automatic transmission shifts are much faster in the newer models. The key feature of BMW 5 Series cars is the stability control. Even aggressive drivers can enjoy smooth and pleasant drive when they ride these vehicles. Manual shifts perform equally well offering excellent performance on the city roads.

Generally, expensive vehicles will not survive severe crash tests, but BMW 5 Series have performed extremely well in the crash tests. The antilock disc brakes stop the car immediately even when the brake is applied at faster speeds. The car has a unique feature of vibrating the steering wheel rather than emitting beeps with the lane-departure warning system.

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