7 Things That Can Damage Your Car – Avoid at All Costs

Posted by at 29 January 2018, at 13 : 39 PM

7 Things That Can Damage Your Car – Avoid at All Costs

You love your car – or, at least, you rely on it to get around. You need it to be in good condition, so you have something to drive, which means you need to take care of it. A huge variety of things can damage your car, including your own behaviour when you’re driving it. If you want to keep your car in good condition, so you can save time and money, you need to be careful about what you do with it. Of course, sometimes your car can be damaged, and it’s not your fault, but there are still ways you can prevent that or handle it correctly if it does occur. Keep your car looking good and working well by avoiding these things.

Ignoring Signs That Something Is Wrong

When you hear a strange noise in your car or even see a warning light on your dashboard, it’s easy to ignore it. You have better things to do, and you’re trying to concentrate on driving anyway. Even if you can’t completely ignore it, you can explain it away and tell yourself it’s no big deal. But the longer you leave it without attempting to see if there’s a problem, the worse any potential issue could get. Your vehicle shouldn’t be making unusual sounds or exhibiting any other strange behaviors. It’s important to diagnose any problems as soon as you notice them.

Driving While Low on Fuel

Everyone has had occasions when they’re running low on fuel, and they need to find somewhere to fill up quickly. It’s understandable that sometimes you get low on gas without realizing. However, routinely driving around when you barely have any fuel left isn’t a great idea. If you’re running on empty, it gives a chance for the dirt, rust and other debris in your tank to get taken into your car. You don’t want this stuff getting to your fuel pump and filters, or you could find that they start to act up. It’s best to fill up on fuel as soon as you can so you don’t cause problems to your car later.

Loading Up Your Car

Owning a vehicle is excellent for when you want to get around with your stuff. It’s difficult to go on a camping trip or move home without one. However, you need to be careful not to put too much stuff in your car too often. There might be plenty of space in there, but loading it up too much could be a bad idea. Your car is designed to carry a certain amount of weight, but the more weight there is, there tougher it on your car. It puts more pressure on things like the brakes and suspension. Keeping your car as light as you can, particularly for day-to-day driving, is smart.

7 Things That Can Damage Your Car - Avoid at All Costs

Getting in an Accident

This is something that you can’t always avoid. You can do your best to drive well and prevent accidents, but you need to take other drivers and hazards into account too. Do what you can to avoid accidents by following the rules of the road and being aware of anything that could affect your driving, like bad weather. Defensive driving skills will help to keep you safe on the road, even with the hazard of other, dangerous drivers. Of course, you can’t always avoid getting in an accident, and most people have at least one or two. When you do get in an accident, getting your car repaired and seeing to any injuries you might have are top priorities. Being insured is vital, but sometimes that’s not enough. If you take a look at this lawyer’s website, you can find some hints on dealing with your insurer after a crash and what to do if they’re not playing ball. Getting an attorney involved can help you ensure you get the money you deserve to fix or replace your car, as well as pay for other expenses.

Vandalism and Theft

You don’t exactly have full control over whether anyone would steal or vandalize your car, either. However, there are things you can do to prevent it so that you don’t have to make an insurance claim to get your car repaired or replaced. The most obvious move to make is to keep your vehicle in a secure place. If you have a garage, that’s the safest place to put it, followed by a driveway. You can rent both garage and parking space if you don’t have your own. If neither of those is a possibility, finding a safe street to park it on will likely be your next best option. You can also ensure you have a good alarm system and perhaps use cameras to protect your car too.

7 Things That Can Damage Your Car - Avoid at All Costs

Putting Off Regular Maintenance

If you own a vehicle of any kind, you need to know that regular maintenance keeps it running better and longer. Instead of waiting for signs of a problem to arise, being proactive and heading them off before they can occur is usually the better thing to do. Giving your car a checkup each year or just making sure you do things like replenishing fluids will help to prevent any serious problems or catch issues before they can get any worse. It’s best to budget for regular maintenance, so you don’t have to worry so much about being able to afford it.


Cars might be designed for outdoors, but too much water in the wrong place can cause issues. Firstly, there’s the issue of accidentally leaving a window or sunroof open, which leaves not just your seats but the electrical components in your car vulnerable too. Another way water might affect your car is if you drive through standing water on the road, which can also cause problems. If you do drive through water, it’s best to test your brakes right away afterwards. Avoid driving through anything too deep and, of course, remember to close your windows.

You can avoid many of the things that can damage your car by being careful. When there’s nothing you could have done, making sure you’re able to pay for repairs should be your priority.

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