3 Reasons To Accept That Company Car

Posted by at 21 April 2017, at 16 : 14 PM

3 Reasons To Accept That Company Car

Business is all about getting the job done and getting from A to B. In your job, you might find that you are expected to travel the length and breadth of the country to attend meetings, provide training to colleagues, or even to attend the company Christmas party. Many people use public transport for this kind of thing, traveling in business class whether on a plane or a train. But there are some instances where public transport simply isn’t viable. It could be that tickets are too expensive, or that you would have to take a really convoluted route in order to reach your destination. There is also the added concern of public transport failures – breakdowns, bad weather, and even staff strikes can all hit at any time, making it even harder for you to get to that meeting on time. In this instance, it makes total sense to have a company car, and more businesses than ever these days are offering their employees vehicles to use as part of their job. So, if you’ve been offered one, why should you take it and what else do you need to know?

No more maintenance worries

When your own car breaks down or suffers a bump or scratch, getting it fixed again can be a real headache. You usually have to dig your hand pretty deep in your pocket, and you may even need to cancel plans and find alternative ways to get around for a week or so. With a company car, all this pressure is taken off you. If the car breaks or is faulty, no problem – just tell your employer, and they will sort it out for you. Most large companies have several company cars on their books, and therefore they should be able to offer you a replacement until your original one is fixed.

You’re covered by insurance

Depending on the insurance policy your company has taken out, it could be very expensive to put your own car on your business insurance. Company cars are already covered, so you don’t even have to think about it. Of course, that doesn’t mean to say that you are then within your rights to drive recklessly just because you’re insured up to your eyes. The last thing you want is a personal injury claim turning things sour between you and your employer, leaving you reading the PatFarber’s Structured Settlement review to see what you could be owed. Learn your company’s insurance policy inside out so you don’t get caught short in any way.

3 Reasons To Accept That Company Car

They’re pretty swanky!

Your personal budget for your own car might be around the £5000 mark, but you could end up driving something pretty nice at the hands of your company. Company cars are chosen for practicality but also because they represent the business when going in for meetings with clients. Don’t, however, feel you have to take a company car just because it’s been offered to you. If you don’t feel confident driving it – for example, if you are used to automatic and this one is manual, or if it’s a very large car – speak to your employer about finding a more suitable alternative.

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