Be Bold On The Road Or Risk Being Another Dangerous Driver

Posted by at 19 November 2017, at 12 : 31 PM

Be Bold On The Road Or Risk Being Another Dangerous Driver

Good drivers act with caution. It’s the only way to ensure our safety and that of those around us. We check we’re within the speed limit, keep an eye on everything around us, and operate within the rules of the road.

But, driving with caution isn’t always as sensible as it sounds. In fact, you could go as far as to say that driving too carefully can easily cause you to become one of those dangerous drivers you’re trying not to be. For proof, let’s look at how.

Driving at a snail’s pace

Keeping within the speed limit should be a priority for any driver. But, many cautious drivers take this too far. The speed limit isn’t only there as a maximum guide. If you drive too far below that limit, you put yourself and others at just as much risk. If traffic starts to back up behind you, drivers will become frustrated. They may even attempt to overtake when it isn’t safe to do so, thus causing an accident. Any car accident injury lawyer can testify to the frequency with which this kind of accident happens. So, next time you drive with caution, take note of what the cars around you are doing. If you notice a queue backing up behind you, it might be worth turning up the pace a few notches.

Indecision at crucial moments

On the road, any driver faces some crucial moments. Pulling out at a roundabout, for example, or changing lanes on a highway. These are actions which require caution but also speed. If you’re too careful at these moments, you may act with indecision, and change your mind at the last minute. Equally, you may miss that crucial second, and pull out when the road is no longer clear. All of which can lead to an accident.

How do you avoid the issue? By doing away with indecision. There’s no room for doubt when you’re facing a busy road. Instead, have faith in your driving, and act with speed. Never let doubts creep in and cloud your judgement. If it helps, get out at quiet periods and practice things until you feel at ease. And, though it’s important to be aware of other drivers, make sure that their presence doesn’t cause you to panic. That’ll only make things worse!

Sending the wrong signals

If you’re doubtful on the road, you could also send the wrong message to other drivers and even pedestrians. Simple things, such as driving too slowly when approaching zebra crossings, could cause a major incident. After all, it would be natural for pedestrians to assume you’re letting them pass. But, if that’s not on your wavelength, you may not even notice them stepping out. Equally, indecision when pulling out could lead other drivers to carry on past you. If you, then, swerve out in front of them, they’ll have no choice but to plough into you. Be bold on the road to make sure that everyone knows what you’re doing.

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