Bicycles, Pedestrians and Cars: How to Share the Road

Posted by at 2 August 2018, at 21 : 06 PM

Bicycles, Pedestrians and Cars: How to Share the Road

When you are walking, you know that you are the most important person on the road and, likewise, when you are cycling or driving, you know that too. But this can’t always be true, can it? Instead of assuming that you are the most important person using the road, you should be thinking about how you can share the road better.

In 2015, 154 fatalities were cyclists and 855 fatalities were pedestrians, it is clear that we all need to take more care on the road. In fact, there are plenty more stats you can find out online to show that drivers also need to be much more careful, and as the heaviest players on the road, a lot of responsibility lies with them.

Rules for Pedestrians

As the most vulnerable people on the road, pedestrians need to take care. Walking on the sidewalk should always be safe but when you turn to cross the road you should always wait for lights where there are some and check both ways before you start walking. Never just step out into the road.

Children are the most vulnerable when crossing the road for two reasons: first, they are not as aware of the dangers on the road and, second, they are smaller and usually less visible to drivers. The best thing for you to do is to make sure that you always hold your child’s hand when you cross or use reins to keep hold of them. You might also like to find a coat with reflective strips to make them more visible at night.

Rules for Cyclists

Cyclists should ride on the road rather than the pavement and in cycle lanes where they are available, going with the flow of traffic. This is the best way to avoid both pedestrians and cars and stay safe. Cyclists should also heed traffic lights and avoid racing where the roads are busy and dangerous. In some cities, cycling might be a hobby best left to quieter streets.

All cyclists should make sure that they are dressed properly so that they will be protected should they fall and they are as visible as possible. This means that you should always wear a helmet (the idea of not wearing a helmet and then getting into an accident is not worth considering). You should also wear reflective materials to make you more visible – especially at night.

Rules for Drivers

As a driver, you are the heaviest player on the road. This does not give you the right of way, instead, it gives you a lot more responsibility for the safety of those around you. With this in mind, you should make sure that you drive within speed limits, ensure that you are not drunk or otherwise incapacitated while you drive and that you are fully aware of your surroundings.

Safe driving should be a standard on the road but given the number of accidents there are, you should refresh your driving skills regularly. There are plenty of tips on this blog – you just have to have a look around!

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