Car Catastrophes and Auto Accidents: Causes, Preventions and Solutions

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Car Catastrophes and Auto Accidents: Causes, Preventions and Solutions

The moment you get into a car collision or incident everything is put into perspective. You suddenly regret using your mobile phone, going over the speed limit and having that extra beer at the bar. Recklessness is clearly the biggest cause of car accidents, but you should never allow this to happen to you. You might have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault; somebody else’s negligence could have caused a serious or fatal injury. Road accidents are far too common these days so people need to learn what the major causes, preventions and solutions are surrounding automobile accidents. You would never want your loved ones or children to become a victim to this, so don’t allow yourself to be either. Understand the consequences of your actions and other people’s actions and don’t allow a moment of madness ruin your future. Driving a car is a privilege that many of us take for granted; once it is taken away from you, you will instantly regret your actions. Now is your chance to learn what could happen during a road incident, how to prevent them from happening and what the solutions are. Keep an open mind and try to remember all of these points the next time you are out and about on the roads.

What Could Happen?

Incidents with Injury

If you have been injured in an automobile accident then you will understand the frustration and pain it can cause to you and your entire family. You need to invest in a top-rated attorney for dealing with auto accident injuries, Keith Magness. If the accident was somebody else’s fault you need to fight for your rights and claim the compensation you deserve. Although money will never replace the time you had to take out of work for your injury, it is always more contenting to know that you have brought justice to the situation.


Death by dangerous driving is a fatal outcome from a car accident. Injuries can be dealt with and will heal overtime, but when somebody loses their life it becomes a whole different situation. Don’t let it be you behind the wheel; drive safely and always think of the consequences of your actions.

Driving Bans

If you are involved in an accident and it is your fault, you could face a driving ban. Being allowed to drive a car is a privilege that can be taken away at any time. You should always understand that this could happen to you, if you make bad decisions on the road. It could have a huge impact on your life and stop you from doing day to day things, so always think before you act.

Employment Sabotage

Many people’s jobs require you to drive every day and that would be put under threat if you drive dangerously. Imagine losing your job because you made one small, stupid decision? It simply isn’t worth it. If you value your career and your driving licence privileges you should always behave when behind the wheel. You might never be able to work again in you receive a lifetime driving ban, so think about the impact this would have on you and your family.

Huge Expenses

Being involved in a car collision is going to bring huge costs to everybody involved. You will need to pay out for damages, health care, attorney fees and so much more. If you aren’t properly insure your costs are going to be even more extortionate, so make sure you are covered by a reputable insurance company. One moment of madness behind the wheel could cost you thousands in an instant. Make sure you are always aware of the consequences, don’t let it happen to you.

Car Catastrophes and Auto Accidents: Causes, Preventions and Solutions

Why Do These Incidents Happen?

Drink Driving

One of the biggest accident causers on the road is alcohol. We drink spirits, beers and wines for fun but they should never be mixed with driving. You need to be fully alert and have your motor skills just right in order to control a vehicle. All of this is completely eliminated when you have a drop of alcohol inside you. They say you are allowed a certain number of units before driving, but it is best to avoid alcohol at all costs if you are planning on getting behind the wheel.

Reckless Behaviour

When you are behind the wheel you have a certain responsibility to keep yourself, passengers and other people on the road safe. If you go above the speed limit, use a mobile phone or get distracted this will be counted as reckless driving. If your actions are putting other people at risk then you need to reassess how you are acting when behind the wheel.

Tiredness and Fatigue

Sleep deprivation will cause your reactions to slow down hugely which is extremely dangerous when you are behind the wheel of a vehicle. You should never attempt to drive when you are tired, no matter how familiar or short the journey is. If you have to slam on the brakes in an emergency you will be almost twice as slow than usual when you haven’t slept properly.

Car Catastrophes and Auto Accidents: Causes, Preventions and Solutions

Lack of Experience

Some people get behind the wheel of a car way before they are ready. Even if you have passed your driving test it doesn’t make you an experienced driver; it merely gives you the legal documentation to drive unaccompanied. It takes time to build confidence and learn the rules of the road. If you don’t feel comfortable taking a certain route, then get somebody else to drive with you.

Faulty Vehicles

On the odd occasion, an accident can be caused by a fault in the car mechanisms. Sometimes drivers might not be aware of the problem, so they will not be to blame. However, if you crash because you haven’t had your car serviced efficiently, you will be liable for the damaged that has been caused. Make sure you stay up to date with your MOTs and visit your local garage if you are ever in any doubt.

Car Catastrophes and Auto Accidents: Causes, Preventions and Solutions

How Can You Prevent It?

Get Adequate Rest

Only get in the car to drive if you feel refreshed, well rested and in a good frame of mind. If you have a tiny glimmer of doubt then choose another mode of transport. It isn’t worth risking if you are not feeling 100%. Putting somebody’s life in danger because you drove without getting enough sleep, could ultimately land you in jail. Think about your mental well-being and only take the journey if you feel up to it.

Care for your Car

Maintaining your car is ultimately your responsibility; everybody has experienced those annoying flashing lights and irritating beeps in their vehicle. You are too busy to find out what they mean so you just keep putting it off until it goes away. If you ignore these warning signs you might be getting into a vehicle that is unfit for the road. Get your car serviced regularly and don’t run the risk of causing an accident.

Car Catastrophes and Auto Accidents: Causes, Preventions and Solutions

Stick with the Limits

The speed limits are put in place for a reason, so if you choose to breach them you are making a reckless decision. Imagine if a child ran out into the road and you couldn’t stop in time because you were driving too fast. You would regret that decision instantly, so don’t do it in the first place. If every driver stuck to the rules, the road would be a much more harmonious and safe place to be.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

If you ever get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol or any other substance, you are going to regret it. Most of us are extremely careful when it comes to alcohol intake and driving; since the laws on drink driving become more stringent there has certainly been a positive effect on the road. If you suspect someone is driving under the influence, do not get into the car with them. Try and convince them not to drive and pay a cab fare to get home.

Learn the Rules of the Road

The simple aspect of driving that everyone should grasp are the rules of the road in general. Over time people will become more accustomed to these rules, but it takes an experienced driver to truly master them. Don’t drive on highways and motorways if you haven’t had the adequate training and make sure you book yourself onto a refresher course if you think your knowledge has got a little rusty over the years.

Getting into a car accident is the last thing you would ever want, so make sure you take responsibility for your own actions. It is true that accidents happen, but the more you can do to prevent them the better. If someone causes you to get into an accident you must seek out the justice you deserve and hire an attorney to represent you. Steer clear from any form of alcohol when driving and never use technology when you are behind the wheel. If you are distracted for just a split second you could end up in a fatal incident. Take your driving privileges seriously and stay safe on the roads.

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