Car Gadgets That Breed Stupid Drivers

Posted by at 27 June 2019, at 11 : 35 AM

Car Gadgets That Breed Stupid Drivers

Being behind the wheel is fast, furious and fun, but it also needs to be safe. Otherwise, you put your health and the health of motorists and pedestrians at risk. Manufacturers understand that drivers want to be their wellbeing first and have created a host of new gadgets to improve safety. The problem is, they’re not very safe. Although they look the part, they often only enhance the interior as technology can be distracting. Once you take your eyes and mind off the road, there’s no telling what might happen.

You want a vehicle that isn’t a death trap, which is why finding out more about these gizmos is essential. That way, the next time you’re in the market, you can avoid them like the plague. Below you’ll find three of the worst offenders to make sure your safety is never in doubt on the roads.

Satellite Navigation System

You wouldn’t go anywhere without it because it’s a lifesaver. With a sat nav, there’s no need to pack a clumsy, hard to read map and pull over every five minutes when you’re lost. Just listen to the instructions and follow them to the letter and you’re golden, except this isn’t the case because the screen is very distracting. As a result, it’s easy to glance down at the directions and lose sight of what’s in front of you. All it takes is a motorist to slam on the brakes and you might hit the back of them at speed. The good news is you can get the accountability you deserve with the help of Hupy and Abraham if the accident wasn’t your fault. But, the best option is to remove it from the car entirely to resist the temptation in the first place. If this isn’t an option, make sure it’s turned off when you start the engine.

Proximity Alerts

Most modern cars come with alarms that alert you when something is close. As annoying as they are, they’re helpful and you get used to hearing them while driving. However, that’s the dangerous part – lots of motorists rely on them too much and stop looking for hazards. All it takes is one glitch in the system and you’re in deep trouble as the car behind or to the side of you is in the danger zone. And, it isn’t only cars that are in jeopardy either. People routinely walk behind cars, in a store car park, for example, and they are a lot less durable than vehicles. You can turn them off with the click of a button, or you can make a concerted effort to look in your mirrors every time you reverse.

Car Gadgets That Breed Stupid Drivers

Hill Assist Technology

In manual cars, there’s a new fad called “hill start assist” and it does exactly what it says on the tin. The tech makes it easier to find the biting point of the clutch and prevent it from rolling back. Like the majority of mod cons, it’s fine and dandy in a new vehicle yet there’s a problem when you drive something older. Without the tech, the same thing happens as with the proximity alerts: you get lazy. When you do drive a car without the assist technology, there’s a chance you might roll backwards on hills. Without the ability to find the bite on a steep incline, you’re in big trouble and won’t be able to go anywhere other than backwards. A good tip, especially for learners, is to drive an older model so that there are no surprises when you don’t have access to “safety” tech.

Actual Safety Features That Are Effective

Now that you know about the grey area of vehicle safety, it’s time to focus on the black and white. Avoiding the potentially dangerous gadgets is the first move, but you should also actively choose the ones that can help. We value safety here at Camaro Car Place which is why we post regular “how to” guides and tips. Today, we’ve gone one step further by putting together a list of our favorites. Hopefully, you like them too.

Car Gadgets That Breed Stupid Drivers

USB Air Fresheners

All you have to do is plug it into the USB slot in your car and wait for the aromas to waft around the interior. How does this help with safety? Directly, there aren’t many security features associated with smells, however, it’s the indirect effects you need to know. As a rule, scents create a pleasant atmosphere and studies show that this makes you more refreshed and energized. As a result, you’ll focus on the steering wheel and won’t make careless mistakes.

Life Hammer

No one expects but to be in a car crash yet it happens all the same. So, it’s essential to prepare for the worst just in case and then you have a lifeline. A “life hammer” is the perfect piece of equipment because it’s meant to help when you’re in a jam. Made from heavy metals such as steel, it’s double tipped which means it can smash through reinforced glass. Plus, it comes with a razor blade in case you are trapped by your seatbelt and need to cut through the material. Don’t worry about hurting yourself with it while driving as it comes with an easily accessible case.

Daytime Lamps

Nighttime is when visibility is most important because, well, it’s pitch black. Of course, the daytime isn’t always perfect for seeing as the weather can be lousy. If it’s foggy or cloudy, there’s the risk of an accident if a fellow motorist doesn’t see you. Daytime lamps on the front of the car are lights that always illuminate regardless of the time of day. That way, you should be visible to everyone regardless of the conditions and that will lower the risk of a crash. For extra nighttime protection, install brighter bulbs so that you’re impossible to miss.

Remember that not all car gadgets are created equal. Sure, some are cool but ask yourself: do they really help when it comes to your safety?

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