Clank, Click, Whistle, Clunk: What Does That Car Noise Mean?

Posted by at 18 April 2018, at 13 : 05 PM

Clank, Click, Whistle, Clunk: What Does That Car Noise Mean?

Do you ever hear a noise in your car and wonder what on earth it could be. It can be quite worrying if you hear a sound that you’ve never noticed before. Suddenly, you start to question whether there might be something seriously wrong with the vehicle. Should you take it to a mechanic for a checkup? Is it still safe to drive? The good news is that most of the sounds you’ll hear a car make will be totally harmless. However, there will be times when noise is a warning sign. Let’s look at some of the common signs and make sure you are aware of the cause.

Whistle While You Drive

Do you hear a whistle when you’re traveling along the road? It might be intermittent and may only be apparent when you reach a certain speed. If that’s the case, it’s probably due to the fact that there’s a hole in your windscreen. Don’t bother looking for it, it’s probably far too small for you to actually see. But we promise you it will be there. The reason you can only hear it sometimes is because the air has to hit it the right way.

Now at this point, you might think, well at least I don’t need a repair. But actually, you do. A hole in the windscreen points to an issue with the structure of the glass. One bad hit and it could get a lot worse. It’s probably been caused by a stone or a piece of dirt another car has thrown up from the back of the wheels. Thankfully, a windscreen repair is a cheap fix, and it certainly won’t break your bank balance. Particularly if it is a small hole.

Squeak Squeak

Clank, Click, Whistle, Clunk: What Does That Car Noise Mean?

Another issue you can have with your car is a squeaking noise. This points to a problem with your car suspension. It’s unlikely to be anything serious, but an issue with the suspension can make the vehicle a tad more difficult to handle. As such, while it’s not always a necessary immediate repair, it can be worth fixing. You might also find that your car squeaks if it hasn’t been well looked after. If you take it to a mechanic, they can fix this issue for you after identifying what is causing the problem.

Smack, Crack

Clank, Click, Whistle, Clunk: What Does That Car Noise Mean?

You might find that when you open the door of the car, you hear a clicking noise. Don’t worry, the car door isn’t about to fall off. That said, this does mean there is a problem with the point where it joins the body of the car. Most likely the screw has come loose due to the amount of use. You can easily fix his if you just take a screwdriver, open the door and screw it back tight. There shouldn’t be any wiggle room between the nut and bolt.

We hope this helps you diagnose some of the common noises you can hear in your vehicle and what they could mean. By knowing the noise, you’ll be able to tell whether your car needs a repair.

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