Oldschool classic 1935 Ford Rat Rod V8 Pickup 1920×1080 HD

Posted by at 21 June 2014, at 16 : 02 PM

Oldschool classic 1935 Ford Rat Rod V8 Pickup 1920×1080 HD

Car of the day – Oldschool classic 1935 Ford Rat Rod V8 Pickup 1920×1080 HD

You’ve probably already noticed that we started to post some articles about those Rat Rods. We think that it is interesting to our readers, so today, we decided to post another article about it. This time we have a classic 1935 Ford Rat Rod V8 Pickup, which looks quite impressive, and today it is featured in our car of the day category.

Believe it or not, the Rat Rod community is a large, vast society of people who believe in simplicity in the 50’s style of life. Just by having a Rat Rod doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a true “Rat Rodder.” Most die hard’s live, eat and breathe the life.

You would be surprised to realize how many people are into the Rat Rod, Rockabilly look and don’t even own a car! The look is not exactly a type of grunge, but a “greaser” slicked back look. Jeans and popped collar, dark colored shirts for the men, and tight bright colored skirt/top combos for the women. Dark, black hair is very common, and women often possess lots of tattoo’s which are often prominently displayed on a leg or shoulder.

You will find that by doing some social networking, you can meet many people of the same interests, like Rat Rods. Use the Rat Rod to actually get to know more people. Even if you have never owned a Rat Rod, you will be surprised to find out how addictive they can be. Just look at the 1935 Ford Rat Rod, in the picture above, it looks great, isn’t it?

By being very easy to work on, even the newest, most novice of beginners can join the Rat Rod community and work together to create their own personal vehicle using their newly found friends via The Rat Rod Community. Even if it’s as simple as cleaning your car, they bring people together and allow more people to socialize.

How do I find Rat Rod people in my community? The easiest way is to frequent any or all car shows, motorcycle shows or swap meets. Amongst all the shiny cars, there are always one or two or even more Rat Rods. Feel free to go up to them and pick their minds. Ask about possible future shows that involve Rat Rods. Maybe they are aware of predominately Rat Rod shows that you could check out. Regardless, Rat Rodders are always looking to add people to their community and are not prejudice of race, color, or even status. You can be anything from a mechanic to an airline pilot.

In conclusion, why not take the time to be involved in something that has an interest to you. Don’t just belong to a club because of a friend. And the same goes in return. If you don’t believe in Rat Rods, don’t force yourself to belong to their community as well.

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