Classic and modern Chevy Camaro SS showcase 1920×1080 HD

Posted by at 20 May 2015, at 15 : 52 PM

Classic and modern Chevy Camaro SS showcase 1920×1080 HD

Cars of the day – Classic and modern Chevy Camaro SS showcase 1920×1080 HD

Today, we have here two stunning looking Camaro cars. Both are red, both feature SS trim, and both are the face of modern and classic muscle cars.

The first generation Camaro is the car that started the era of Camaro cars. It was the beginning of Camaro greatness — Beautiful looks and powerful engine made this car a real American muscle car. Even today, a lot of Camaro fans still prefer the first generation Camaro instead of all the latest models. And that’s because of how great the first generation Camaro is.

The fifth generation Camaro is currently the latest generation Camaro model, of course, until the 6th generation arrives, which happens soon… However, until that happens, the fifth generation is still the latest child of Chevy Camaro family (available for sale). And it’s a great child, because the car looks completely different compared to the first generation Camaro. It not just looks different, but it also is a completely different beast. It handles better, packed with the latest technology, has more power, and overall, it’s just a better car — Well, yes, we can agree or disagree when it comes to looks, but the rest is obvious.

A lot of people would also say that the fifth generation Camaro is not that great as the previous generation Camaros are (they mean looks). However, the 5th gen Camaro is definitely not a bad car at all. Doesn’t matter a fact, I think, the 5th gen Camaro looks great and is one of the best looking cars not just in America but all around the world.

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