6 Costly Car Insurance Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Posted by at 22 January 2019, at 23 : 04 PM

6 Costly Car Insurance Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Driving is something many of us like to do. We like the comfort, we like the convenience, and, above all, we like the freedom. The cost that comes with it, however, isn’t quite as enjoyable. While some motoring expenses are fairly small, others, like car insurance, are enough to break the bank. When you’re paying such a large cost, the last thing that you want to do is make it any bigger. To avoid doing this, here are six car insurance mistakes that you don’t want to make.

Ignoring Basic Motoring Safety

The longer you go without a motoring conviction or car accident, the cheaper your car insurance becomes. In fact, drivers who go years without an incident can earn up to and over a 70% off no-claims discount. For this reason, it’s more important than ever that you drive with care. Ensure you obey speed limits and never get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking.

Choosing Any Insurance Provider

Car insurance providers can offer incredibly different prices for very similar cover. Because of this, you should always shop around before choosing a provider to go with. Make sure you get a car insurance quote from at least three different companies and go for the one that is the best value for money. You can use an online comparison site to make this relatively quick and simple.

Paying In Monthly Installments

Paying for your car insurance monthly may seem cheaper right now, but, over the course of a year, you’ll end up paying a lot more. This is because most insurance providers charge interest to customers spreading the cost of their policy over twelve months. For this reason, it works out cheaper to pay in one lump sum. If you can’t pay yourself, use a 0% interest credit card instead.

Driving With A Teenager

When teenagers first get their learners’ permits, the first thing they want to do is be added to their parents’ car insurance policy. However, before you do the same for your child, you should consider the cost that comes with it. New drivers are deemed a risk by insurance companies, especially when driving large vehicles. If you add one to your policy, the cost is sure to rise.

Not Disclosing Past Mistakes

Keeping past motoring convictions and car accidents from your insurance provider may save you some money at first, but, the moment they find out that you’ve lied, your insurance will be invalid. This means that they won’t pay out if and when you need them to. For this reason, it always works out best to be honest and declare any offenses you’ve committed in the past five years.

6 Costly Car Insurance Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

Leaving Your Car Outside

Insurers like to know that your car is safe. After all, the more secure your vehicle is, the smaller the chance that it will be stolen and you’ll make a claim. Because of this, you should start using your garage to store your car, rather than gym equipment and other old junk. This is a much safer place to leave your vehicle than the street or even your driveway.

Car insurance is costly enough as it is, so ensure you don’t make it any worse by avoiding the mistakes listed above.

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