Defending Yourself On The Roads

Posted by at 3 December 2018, at 17 : 55 PM

Defending Yourself On The Roads

Thankfully, the road rules of today have been carefully designed to make a road traffic accident improbable to experience. That might not sound correct considering how many people die or are injured in accidents each year, but if you compare that statistic to the active number of road users, it is relatively small, and the road rules are to thank. However, the road rules aren’t the be all and end all of the story. Road rules are a guideline. A legal guideline you need to follow, and must take seriously. But on the actual road, the dividing lines don’t prevent you from actually crossing into other lanes. Speed warning signs don’t actually influence the speed at which your car can travel. You have the ability to drive dangerously at any time. This would be colossally stupid and absolutely disgusting to do of course, but factually, the potential is open to you.

That means it’s open to others too. It means that while you drive safe on the roads, you can never fully trust the users of the road around you. This is why using the best measure of defending yourself is essential if you hope to drive safely. Defending yourself on the roads can be achieved in many ways. Consider:

The Internal Car Environment

It’s important to take heed as to what’s going on inside your car. If you’re not careful, you might allow an environment that is hard on you when trying to focus. Your friend might be drinking, or the radio might be too loud, or the car might be freezing cold inside during the winter. Ensuring your car is worth driving in will require a mixture of social boundaries being put in place, purchasing car preparation kits and generally ensuring that the inside of your vehicle is clean, free from any messy debris, and is a pleasant place to occupy. Then driving on the road will likely not be distracted by anything. Defend against your own habits before you decide to defend against others.

A Wide Berth

If you notice someone driving terribly on the road, it can be worthwhile to give them a complete and total wide berth. Stay a few cars worth of space behind them. Even turn off if you have to. It’s essential to ensure that any obvious future danger is positioned away from. It’s not worth interacting with them, beeping to try and make them course correct or anything like that. A wide berth and staying calm under pressure is the most effective means of driving defensively.

Collecting Evidence To Litigate

Collecting evidence to litigate is essential to do if you’re involved in a road traffic accident. Click here to see what your options are. When you are able to calmly ensure that the accident is photographed, that you contact a legal firm immediately as well as your insurance, and you relay the facts as accurately as you remember, you can prevent being victimised on the roads, and potentially gain important compensation for doing so.

With these tips, defending yourself on the roads is sure to be possible.

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