Diesel Fuel Additive – Improve Fuel Consumption And Lower Emissions

Posted by at 27 March 2015, at 19 : 20 PM

Diesel Fuel Additive – Improve Fuel Consumption And Lower Emissions

Motorists are looking for ways of improving their cars efficiency and fuel consumption. Manufacturers are realizing that some of their current models are not very efficient when it comes to burning fuel. This fact combined with the ever-rising oil prices has prompted car manufacturers to look for an alternative to today’s internal combustion engine.

Several technologies will be implemented in the future to help owners obtain a better fuel consumption out of their cars. Car makers such as Mazda, Ford, BMW, or Mercedes have hybrid prototypes, and they hope some of their technologies will appear on the market over the next few years. While hybrid cars are already available from several car manufacturers, cars that run on water or on hydrogen cells are yet to be perfected.

While hybrid cars offer a significant fuel economy while driving around town, you can optimize your diesel for better efficiency and part of this could include using a diesel fuel additive. Properly maintaining your car will help you save significant amounts of fuel. Cleaning the car’s filters regularly will get a better mileage. The diesel car’s pump can be clogged with debris, and other impurities found in the fuel and cleaning or replacing these filters will allow the engine to function better.

At the same time, there are several diesel fuel additives on the market claiming they will significantly improve your fuel consumption and lower your emissions. The AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate or the Cetane Boost Diesel Fuel Additive is just some of the diesel additives you can find on the market. Many people are asking if these additives will indeed help your diesel engine turn into a fuel saver.

Diesel powered cars are very sensitive to the fuel’s quality. If you put a low quality diesel fuel in your tanks, odds are, it will have a negative impact on your car and its performance. Diesel engines are sensitive to water in the fuel and this can lead eventually to permanent damage to your engine. This is where diesel fuel additives come into play. They have special chemicals (such as Tetra-ethyl lead, Methylcyclopentadienyl, Manganese Tricarbonyl, Methyl tert-butyl ether to name just a few) that are meant to give your engine a better fuel ignition and help remove any water and debris found in the cars tank. They have been proven to protect your diesel engine and to give you a slight, barely observable fuel economy. However, older diesel engines may be affected if you use too much diesel fuel additives. Respect the manufacturers instructions when using diesel fuel additives to make sure your car is protected efficiently.

Diesel fuel additives can be used for virtually all types of diesel engines: cars, trucks, heavy machinery, and even boat diesel engines. They help reduce the water amount from your fuel, prevent any debris from reaching your engine’s fuel pump, and they will slightly improve your car’s mileage and fuel consumption. You can find diesel fuel additives in gas stations, department stores, online shops, and shops specialized in selling car parts and accessories.

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