The Five Essentials Of Car Ownership

Posted by at 21 December 2017, at 22 : 26 PM

The Five Essentials Of Car Ownership

Not every driver is fully aware of the huge amount of responsibility that comes with car ownership. Aside from managing the costs of purchase, fuel and insurance, there are countless laws to follow too. Ultimately, you’re responsible for a lot of lives out there from the moment you turn the key. But you’re also responsible for taking care of your car too. You know she deserves it:

Every Journey Checks

Many highway codes recommend that a number of checks are performed on your vehicle each time you start the engine. Very few of us check anything more than the fuel gauge! You need to check the lights all work and the wipers will clear the windscreen. You should also check there is enough water for cleaning the windows and, of course, fuel to complete your journey. Make sure everyone is wearing their seatbelt and that all your mirrors are in the correct position.

Once A Month Checks

It’s a really good idea to keep on top of your oil levels, tire pressures, and tire wear each month. It’s a mucky job but is worth doing to avoid dangerous problems while you’re driving. A quick check of all your fluid levels, tires, and lights takes under 5 minutes. That’s not a big ask just once a month, but it can reduce the risk of big problems. It’s worth making all those seasonal changes during these checks too. If snow tires are likely to be required, get them fitted. If you think you’re going to be making a long distance journey, adjust the tire settings to cover the road type.

A Bit Of Pride

Have some pride in your ride! It’s easy to forget that cars need a good clean inside and out every so often. No, the rain won’t take care of it! That would be like you standing under the shower, then getting out without even raising your arms or using the soap. Vacuum your interior then wipe the surfaces down with an antibacterial cloth. You’ll be horrified by the amount of bacteria that can accumulate in a car. Keep the bodywork in good condition with a shampoo, wax, and wipe each month.

The Five Essentials Of Car Ownership

Maintenance And Repairs

There are many routine maintenance checks you should pay a garage to perform for you. Changing out filters is just one of the essentials so many of us miss. A complete oil change and gear or brake fluid top-ups are also routine essentials. If something does fail on your vehicle, don’t delay in finding a good auto repair service center to put it right. In some places, you might be breaking the law to ignore these things.

Annual Check-ups

Servicing is important for every vehicle. It makes sure the basic checks for safety are completed, and it gives you the chance to put things right. Fluids, exhausts, brake effectiveness, and tire safety are all part of that service. Replace your wiper blades, fix the seat adjuster, and get your electrics checked over thoroughly. Do you do what you need to do to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape?

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