These Are Your Five Responsibilities As A Road User

Posted by at 2 August 2018, at 21 : 32 PM

These Are Your Five Responsibilities As A Road User

There are a lot of laws and regulations that restrict and guide road users and while these can seem relatively restrictive and strict, they are there for the safety of each and every user of the road. However, road safety is not an exclusive responsibility to those who make the laws and the rules that you read about on a regular basis. Road carnage and crashes happen every single day, and it’s the responsibility of each road user – no matter their mode of transport – to be aware of themselves and those on the road around them.

When every single road user out there takes that responsibility seriously, accepting their role in the safety of themselves and the general public, there is less of a need to learn about how to help after an accident because there will be less of them. Enhancing road safety should be the aim of the game if you want to maintain a safe driving environment, and below are five responsibilities that you have as a person using the roads.

Look. It’s easy to become blind to an environment when you spend so much time driving through it. It’s time to wake up and switch off autopilot and start looking at the world around you. Pedestrians stop, look and listen. Well, you should as well!

Rules. Once you know the rules of the road, follow them. Ignorance isn’t an excuse, because if you want to get behind the wheel you should know what you are letting yourself in for.

Mapping. You can see the painted lines on the road, which means that you can see where you are allowed to be, where cyclists and buses are allowed to be and where it’s safe for pedestrians to walk. Look where you’re going and pay attention to those lines. It can make the difference between whether you are driving safely or not.

Belt Up. It’s a five minute drive to get to the shops, but that doesn’t mean that you can jump in and not wear a seatbelt. It can only take a minute for there to be a fatal accident and you shouldn’t be reckless with your life. Wearing seatbelts and ensuring that your passengers are wearing theirs is vital to your safety.

Limit. Every area has a limit on speed. Sticking to these limits doesn’t make you a boring driver, it makes you a safe one. The safe you are with your driving, the safer others can be with theirs. Speed limits are in place for the safety of everyone, and you can spend time ignoring them and getting busted with tickets or you can pay attention and stay in control.

If you can’t be a safe driver, please don’t be one. Everyone out there relies on you and your quick thinking to ensure that they are safe on the road and when they are out with their friends. You need to be responsible for yourself and for others if you want to be a good driver.

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