Mythology: The Great American Road Trip

Posted by at 30 October 2017, at 19 : 37 PM

Mythology: The Great American Road Trip

Everyone has their own idea of what the American Dream is but, to us, it has to be the plethora of epic road trips it offers up to anyone that has even the most minute interest in putting their foot on the gas. The great American road trip is a mythology up there with the best of them, a love affair that is like no other, one that has been immortalised by books, movies, songs and legend.

Hauling ass across a few hundred miles of terrafirma has become a rite of passage the world over. It’s that chance to enjoy the past, present and future, as your rearview mirror sparkles with the magic you have just passed through as your windscreen fills with infinite possibilities ahead. Yea, it’s special.

But despite all this, the biggest question of them all is yet to have been answered – which trips should make your bucket list?

Mythology: The Great American Road Trip

Feel It In Florida

Weighing in at just over 150 miles, the US1 from Miami to Key West is by no means the longest road trip out there. However, it is one of the most breath-snatching you will ever come across. You get to skim the Everglades, coast along the Ocean Highway and enjoy the spectacle that is the seven-mile bridge, the Atlantic on your left and the Gulf Of Mexico on your right. Yeah, if you want the Miami Vice experience, then, drop the roof, open the throttle and let your baby blue blazer flap in the wind.

Loop Around Vegas

You can’t have a blog about great American road trips and not mention the bright lights of the Vegas strip. It would be sacrilege. Known as The Las Vegas Loop, you’ll get to enjoy the roar of the engine and sound of wind through your hair as you head round to Monument Valley, past the Grand Canyon, through Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon and the Zion National Parks. As a little insider tip, just make sure you give your Camaro the once over at Elite Automotive before you pack up and go. Your journey through the wild west means a lot of open deserts, Thelma and Louise style, so the last thing you’ll want to do is conk out in the middle of the Navajo.

Route 66

This is the original, the most famous, the most nerve-jangling of them all. Now, it may not be the same trip you could take way back in 1926 when it first opened because a few sections have been lost to greed and what have you, but this journey from Chicago to Santa Monica is no less magical. The stretch of road that stands out most to us is the south-western Arizona section, a 320-mile stretch of road that allows you to enjoy everything from the Petrified Forest to Kingman and everything in between. Enjoy the best two weeks of your life.

Nothing Beats Blue Ridge

If you want to see fall through an entirely new set of eyes, then, you need to take on the Blue Ridge Parkway in southern Appalachia. Once again, it isn’t the longest at 470-miles, but it is impossibly scenic. Time it right and you will weave in and out of trees wearing leaves that are fifty shades of red, gold and bronze. The mountains are what makes this one so special. That’s a fact.

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