Grey Market History Check: An Overview

Posted by at 21 April 2015, at 19 : 37 PM

Grey Market History Check: An Overview

A vehicle that is previously registered or titled outside of the U.S. and may not comply with U.S. safety and emissions standards is known as a grey market vehicle. A grey market history check should be included in the complete history check of the vehicle. Potential buyers of used cars should be aware if the car which they intend to buy is a grey market vehicle.

So this awareness is highly essential, because the federal law prohibits a grey market vehicle from being operated on public highways or sold until the vehicle is in compliance with federal regulations. Once in compliance, the vehicle is no longer considered a gray market vehicle. So the buyer buying the used car must take this into consideration. If the vehicle he is buying is a gray market vehicle, then that vehicle should be modified to meet the standards and supplement documentation from the federal government.

So it is really essential for the buyers to submit various forms to the secretary of the state to obtain a title for a gray market vehicle.

These are:

• Title and registration application.
• Motor vehicle tax forms.
• Ownership documents – they are the foreign documents of ownership which must be original, not copies.
• Federal documents.

These are the documents that should be submitted by the buyer to get the title of the gray market vehicle. A gray market vehicle is also known as an overseas vehicle. It means that the owner of the vehicle has brought the vehicle into the U.S. from some another country.

It is advisable not to buy gray market vehicles as those vehicles have not conformed to the standard measures of the U.S.

Here is other supplemental information that is required to be submitted for obtaining the title of the gray market vehicles:

1. Bill of sale – It should be presented to determine your excise tax.
2. Bond – The letter of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to approve the release of the EPA obligation on the bond for the vehicle.
3. Receipt: The receipt of the U.S. DOT national highway of a certificate of payment and compliance on the bond for the vehicle. Other documents include the manufacturer’s letter, lien information, power of attorney, and certification for multipurpose passenger vehicle.

So all these documents are needed to obtain the title of gray market vehicle which you have purchased. Therefore, you should do a grey market history check before purchasing a used vehicle to eliminate problems in the future.

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