Car Tuning: HKS Evolution X GT3240 Turbo and Intercooler Kit

Posted by at 7 March 2015, at 22 : 20 PM

Car Tuning: HKS Evolution X GT3240 Turbo and Intercooler Kit

HKS has always made the best parts for the top of the line JDM cars roaming the street. And the GT3240 full turbo kit is no exception. This is a direct bolt-on replacement turbo that replaces the old Mitsubishi turbo with a high power ball bearing unit capable of 580 horse power.

The HKS GT3240 turbo kit features the GT3240 turbo that has a A/R of 0.73. Also, included in the kit is a GT2 50mm wastegate, front pipe, outlet pipe, and all the parts, lines, hardware and gaskets needed to change out the turbo.

The stock manifold is used as is the stock heat shield. This kit is intended to be used with the HKS Intercooler and Racing Suction Kit. The MSRP on the GT3240 turbo kit is $5195, but the street price is closer to the $4500 mark.

The HKS Intercooler and hardpipe kit for the Evo X is a nice large replacement over the stock unit that measures 525mmX304mmX103mm and comes with all necessary brackets, hardware and fittings. Price for the intercooler kit is $1695, but you are going to want to opt for the kit that includes the full hard piping which will put the total cost for the intercooler kit at $2395.

Finally to complete the turbo bolt on replacement, the purchase of the HKS Racing Suction kit hks evo x racing suction kitwill be required. This piece costs a pretty penny at $500, but the cost is well worth it. These feature lightweight aluminum suction pipes and the patented super funnel technology.

These 3 parts are sure to net you a huge increase in horsepower and torque for a reasonable amount of money. If you are ready to take your Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to the next level, then HKS should be your first stop.

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