How Your Junker Can Make You Money

Posted by at 23 February 2018, at 11 : 03 AM

How Your Junker Can Make You Money

A lot of people have used cars these days; they’re simply cheaper and often have the same power to them as the newer models manufactured everyday. Even if your used vehicle is in a complete state, there’s a lot you can do to make sure it’s road ready and safe for travelling from A to B whenever you need to. However, is there better ways to put your junker to good use? Can you make yourself a bit more cash by the end of the year to finally afford your dream model?

Well, the answer is yes! If your car is 3 years old at the very least, it’s time to make sure it’s ‘junker’ title is put to good use. Instead of simply selling off your beaten model to a used car dealer, when your junker is still in commission, it’s time to give it a good end to its life before the 20 years it’s been in service are up. Here’s some good ways to use your car for the cash whilst still getting you full use out of it when you need it.

Try Renting Out Your Car

Renting out a car when you don’t need it is one of the most popular ways to make money, as you can still use your car during the week when you’re working or ferrying family. If you live in an area that’s heavily congested or out in the countryside, there’s a good chance people don’t get around as much as they want to. Similarly, if you’ve got quite a few tourists coming to visit you each year, they’re going to want to be able to find affordable alternatives to spending all their money on the bus or taxis.

It’s time to capitalise on this need, and break your old junker out of the garage for people to rent out at a good price for as long as they need it. Even with the amount of professional companies out there that offer a car to rent for a day or week or so, your price can be a lot cheaper and your convenience a lot more local. You might need to fix your car up with a new paint job, but that’ll pay off as soon as you get your first customer.

There are a lot of advertising sites out there for you to take to, and even apply to people looking for a car to use for their next holiday near you. When you’re vigilant, you’re going to have a good side hustle on your side! And all because you couldn’t part with your first car; it doesn’t have to be simple clutter anymore.

Do Odd Jobs Here and There

When you’ve got an old vehicle with good mileage, chances are you could be using it to deliver parcels at the very least! You see, older car models usually have more space in the backseats and the boots, and if you have a truck with a flatbed to your name, it’s time to make the money you deserve with it. You’ve got the space and the toughened wheels to make it happen.

Having a car capable of off road driving when necessary, capable of carrying heavy tools and equipment, and simply being available to deliver big and small packages alike in the local area means you’re going to be in demand. So to make sure you’re considered legitimate with safety firmly in place in your new business deeds, try investing in a liner for your truck bed or your boot first, which you can learn more about here. When you’ve got the necessary equipment in place to transport even the most fuel draining of logs or old scrap, you’ll require less and less trips to the pump station. And that means a greater profit in your pocket when you’ve finished work.

When Your Car Doesn’t Work Anymore

A lot of the time we can’t shift an old car that doesn’t work anymore, and the means it’s cluttering up the garage or ruining the curb appeal of your house. However, there’s still some good ways you can make money off of your broken model, and bit by bit it won’t be such a problem anymore.

So turn to selling off your old number plate. If you feel you have a unique combination to the plate still haphazardly stuck to the front of your old bumper, it’s time to post it online for the buying world to see. This is a little known method that can earn you a good amount of cash in your pocket at short notice, and there’s plenty of sites out there specifically for collecting interesting number plates. You’re guaranteed to find a buyer.

Similarly, remember when tax discs were abolished? Maybe you’ve forgotten they were ever a thing and you’ve shoved your old ones to the back of your records or just thrown them out. Well if you still have them to hand, now they have an extra use to them! Dig out your old discs from about 4 years ago and turn to selling them. There’s very few tax discs left out there in the world, and that makes them in high demand, as is the nature of supply and demand. They’re collectible and have a dedicated fanbase, so make sure you’re ripping your old junker’s remaining evidence that it was ever on the road out of the windscreen.

Your junker is good for more than wasting space, and you got a lot of good use out of it back in the day. Well, it’s time to make sure you’re getting more from your old car model; it doesn’t just need to be scrapped at your nearest convenience. Of course you could simply try to sell the car, either for further use or for the use of the scrap metal it contains, but you could get so much more out of it first.

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