Natural Gas Car: Most Popular Future’s Vehicle?

Posted by at 13 March 2015, at 13 : 23 PM

Natural Gas Car: Most Popular Future’s Vehicle?

Natural gas cars about to become the next big hit and there are plenty of reasons for that. The earth’s petrol tank will not be fully loaded forever. As a matter of fact, it took us just two hundred years to consume half of the petrol on the planet that was accumulated for over 6 billion years. Considering that and our ever increasing rates of consumption, how long do you think the prices of petrol per barrel will stay the same. Yes, you guessed it right. Prices will boom shockingly, but some people are thinking in advance, planning and getting prepared. You can become one of them by purchasing a natural gas car.

Honda is the only automobile manufacturer that sells all natural gas-powered passenger cars in the US market. Natural gas cars represent a low-cost, ultra-clean and convenient way of getting from point A to point B. People are becoming aware of all the damage we are making with gasoline cars and that’s why the demand for natural gas cars can only increase over the next years. California is the place leading the way, as over half of the natural gas cars from the entire nation are situated there. The infrastructure is expanding, new stations are constantly being build while others are planned. You can check online for a list of natural gas stations near you.

Nowadays, USA is a country that is hugely dependant on foreign petrol. This is a very disturbing fact indeed. This means that someone can just shut our petrol supplies and that could cause a disaster. Natural gas cars represent a great alternative to this problem, because there is an abundance of domestically produced natural gas. We have got supplies, we just need more demand and customer awareness.

The only natural gas car available on the market today is Honda Civic GX. This is a four seat passenger sedan that can go for 200 miles without refilling. It’s based on the platform of the Civic LX sedan, so it offers the same safety and convenience features. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has given it a five star frontal impact crash rating. Another institution that rates the Civic GX highly is the .S. Environmental Protection Agency, which has labeled it as “the cleanest internal combustion engine-powered vehicle ever tested.” A very interesting incentive that the Government offers the $2,000 tax deduction for everyone who buys an alternative fuel vehicle.

California is a definitely the place to drive a NGC, but what about the other states? Well, people in the other parts of the country shouldn’t despair. There is now the possibility to use your home’s natural gas supply line to fuel the car overnight using Phill, a pay-phone sized that can be mounted on a garage wall or outdoors.

Natural gas cars are one of the solutions for reducing the pollution, petroleum dependence, and greenhouse gas emissions.

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