Repair Or Replace? The Question On Every Owner’s Mind Post-Crash

Posted by at 5 July 2017, at 20 : 11 PM

Repair Or Replace? The Question On Every Owner’s Mind Post-Crash

So, you’ve been in a car accident, and your car has suffered some damage. If it isn’t entirely written off, then, it’s time to make a big decision. Are you going to eat the costs right now and get it repaired or is it time to put it to bed? It’s a question that not a lot of people prepare for, and they can make wrong and rash judgements in the moment. Take the time to think about your answer now to make the better one in future.

Is it really as bad as it seems?

Sometimes, the damage to the car might look extensive when, in reality, it’s all surface. Take the time to really investigate your car. So long as it’s safe, try the engine and see if it can still go. If it can, you might just need a panel beater to take care of the gnarly aesthetic damage. Don’t make assumptions about how bad it is before you give it some real investigation.

Is it worth it?

What kind of car are you already driving? For instance, if it’s used or if it’s low on safety features, then, those are already two good reasons to be considering a replacement even before the crash. Find out what the costs of repairs are going to be. If they’re more than half the value of the car if you get it repaired, then, it’s probably not worth it. Don’t make the mistake of immediately arranging repairs for it.

What’s next?

The immediate costs of the repairs aren’t all that matters, either. What’s the car going to be like after the repairs? Is it going to suffer majorly in the realm of fuel consumption, increasing your long-term costs? Has its reliability been irreversibly altered, leading to more maintenance and repair costs in its near future? Make sure your mechanic is trustworthy, ask the questions that matter and do the math. If it’s just going to turn into a money-guzzling machine, it might be better to just cut and run right now.

Will it lead to peace of mind?

There’s a question you need to ask yourself beyond the immediate and future financial implications. You need to consider how comfortable you will feel in that car again. A lot of people suffer a knock after a crash and it can be difficult to regain their confidence. It might not be the most rational of thoughts, but driving the same car could be a barrier to feeling safe on the roads once more. Take the time to think about it before you make your decision. You want to end up with a car you’re comfortable with taking out on the road.

In reality, you need to figure out what exactly is wrong with it, take some time out and do the math. Just because it looks bad doesn’t always mean it is bad. On the other hand, you shouldn’t assume that the initial costs of repairs are all that you should factor in. Make the right long-term choice, not the immediately obvious.

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