4 Safety Features That Could Save Your Life

Posted by at 25 April 2017, at 21 : 06 PM

4 Safety Features That Could Save Your Life

Fifty years ago, driving was a lot more dangerous than it is now. There were no safety features, and most people didn’t even wear a seatbelt. Nowadays, we are a bit more sensible about these things, and car safety is given the attention that it deserves. Technology has revolutionized driving so much over the past few decades, creating cars that are becoming faster and more efficient every year. Things like electric cars, hybrids, and driverless cars are completely changing the face of the automotive industry, but one of the most important developments are the new safety features that are being installed in most modern cars. We might not even realize, but so many lives have been saved by these new technologies. These are just a few of the ways that car manufacturers are protecting you.

Automatic Parking

Trying to park in a tight spot is a real pain. If you’re doing it on a busy road, it can become dangerous. Pulling in and out of traffic over and over again opens you up to the chance of a collision. Automatic parking is here to fix that problem. A few years ago, it was futuristic tech, but now it’s fairly commonplace. Using a series of cameras and sensors, your car can pull itself into that tricky spot. You usually need to operate the brakes yourself, in case anything goes wrong, but the hard part is all taken cared of for you.

Automatic Emergency Braking

If you do end up having an accident, you’ll need to seek advice from somebody like Joseph Farzam, but automatic braking can help you to avoid this. One of the most common causes of accidents is people running into the back of the car in front. Our reactions can only be so fast, and if somebody stops abruptly in front of you, you might not have time to slam the brakes on before you hit them. A computer can predict that danger, and react to it, much quicker than we can. At the moment, a lot of automatic braking systems only work at slower speeds, but the technology is always improving. Car manufacturers have committed to installing automatic braking systems in all new cars by 2022.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Another common cause of car accidents is the blind spot. There are blind spot mirrors that you can attach to your wing mirrors, but not that many people use them. Having your car monitor the blind spot for you is a much better way of staying safe on the road. Most of these safety systems will give you some visual signal, like a flashing light, if somebody is in your blind spot. Some more advanced ones use camera feeds so you can see exactly what’s going on back there.

Alertness Monitoring

4 Safety Features That Could Save Your Life

Falling asleep at the wheel is probably the most dangerous thing that a driver can do, but it does happen. Driving long distances in heavy traffic can get dull. Before you know it, you might find your eyes getting heavy. Luckily, there are new safety systems being developed that can make sure you don’t drift off. Alertness monitoring systems pick up the tell-tale signs of a tired driver, like drifting between lanes or rapid speed changes. If it suspects that you might be starting to fall asleep, it will make a loud sound to kick you back into gear. Although it can stop you from falling asleep completely, you shouldn’t be relying on these safety features entirely. If it does happen, pull over and get some rest before you continue your journey.

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