4 Things To Consider When It’s Time To Buy A Family Car

Posted by at 9 June 2017, at 11 : 22 AM

4 Things To Consider When It’s Time To Buy A Family Car

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to invest in a car that you can fit the whole family inside because you can’t see them all squeezing into your vintage racer anytime soon (you also want to keep that pristine, and a toddler won’t understand how you feel about it). Before you spend your upcoming weekends looking at dealerships online and around town, there are some things to take into account so that you’re fully clued up and can invest wisely.


Kids take up more space than you think they’re going to, and they’ll only get bigger and have more stuff to fit into your family vehicle. If you add a pet dog, your partner, the shopping bags, the endless supply of food, drink and wipes you’ll need (and the rest) into the equation, you’ll start to get a sense of how much more room than your Chevrolet your new vehicle will need. The backseat and trunk space are key areas to focus on; babies through to young children will need a fitted car-seat, and they aren’t small. If you’re transporting a stroller, you’ll need enough room in the trunk for it fit in alongside the bags full of essentials (ahem) that every kid needs. And, don’t forget about yourself and your partner; you should have enough room up front to be comfortable too.


Transporting your family from A to B is a situation where safety is paramount. Aside from you driving as cautiously as possible, there’s not much you can do to prevent an accident if your secondhand car is in bad condition and doesn’t function properly. To avoid any unnecessary risks, even on the drive home from the dealership, you should visit an auto repair garage to have your vehicle thoroughly checked and serviced, so you’ll have peace of mind that everything’s in good working order. Check out your options if your car has failed it’s safety checks here: http://www.camarocarplace.com/car-failed-safety-checks/.


A lot of child-friendly features link back to the space and safety of your potential new car. You might have a front-seat baby carrier; therefore, you’ll want to be able to switch off the airbag in that seat, before you set off for a drive. Mounting points where you can easily fit your kid’s car seats are also a feature which you’ll end up appreciating and will make setting off anywhere a lot quicker (and less stressful). If you’re car proud and want to keep it as clean and clutter free as possible (good luck with that), you should consider vehicles with plenty of storage compartments and areas, so that little toys can be kept tidied away when they’re not being played with (or annoying you). Sliding back-seats are a feature in some cars and can be a dream for maneuvering your belongings and fitting everything in that you need. So, write yourself a list of the features that are a priority to you before you visit the car salesman. If you need some ideas on what features to keep an eye out for, look here.


With a young family and all the added costs they bring, you don’t want to be lumbered at the end of each month with a huge repayment bill. Therefore, don’t invest in a car that’s out of your price range to buy and will be expensive to maintain. If you have your heart set on a particular model, then, check out the second-hand options; there will be plenty out there and all in good working order. Stay smart when you’re buying a car and always keep what your family needs in mind.

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