7 Things Every Driver Should Know How To Do

Posted by at 3 August 2018, at 22 : 30 PM

7 Things Every Driver Should Know How To Do

Being able to drive is an incredibly big responsibility. You have to take care of your car, of yourself, and of everyone else around you, including people that aren’t even on the road. You need to be smart, safe, and sensible, or you could risk money and the wellbeing of yourself and others. When you start taking driving lessons, your instructor teaches you how to drive, but they don’t necessarily show you everything you need to know about being a responsible driver. This means that there are a number of lessons you still need to learn. Keeping that in mind, here are seven things that every driver should know how to do.

1. How To Drive In Snow

Unless your instructor really wanted to push you, chances are, you never took a single lesson during or right after a snowfall. Because of this, it’s important that you handle your first trip in the snow with a lot of care. You should make sure that you reduce your speed and leave a much wider gap between you and the vehicle in front of you. If you can, you should also practice reacting to skidding somewhere safe and away from other drivers, like an empty parking lot.

2. How To Stop For Police

When you see the red and blues, make sure that you find somewhere safe to pull over and do so as soon as possible. Once you’ve done this, you should turn off your car right away and roll down your window. Don’t attempt to get out of the car, and make sure that your hands stay visible at all times. Never try to argue with the police officer, as this could lead to you getting arrested. Instead, you should remain calm and respectful, and save arguments for traffic court.

3. How To Handle An Accident

There are few things scarier and more confusing than a car accident, so it’s important that you know what to do. The first step, unless you’re too injured to do so, is to move to somewhere safe and out of the way. From there, you can contact the police, and ambulance, if necessary, exchange insurance information, and document the scene for your car and truck accident attorney. Avoid discussing the accident or who was at fault, and never say that you’re sorry.

4. How To Prevent Road Rage

Everyone gets annoyed at times while driving, but it’s crucial that you don’t allow this minor irritation to turn into a road rage incident. This could risk your life, the lives of other drivers, and anyone else on or near the road. When someone offends you, it’s important that you remain calm and don’t retaliate. Never get pulled into an argument and ignore anything they say to you. If you need to, you should change your route and complete drive away from them.

5. How To Change Your Tire

Everyone has to deal with a flat tire at some point in their driving lives, so it makes sense to learn how to change yours as soon as you can. When faced with a flat, you should pull completely off the road and make sure that you’re safe and in plain sight of any oncoming traffic before you do anything. If you have a spare tire, you should find the jack point underneath, get the car up, and switch the tires over. If you don’t have a spare or can’t do this, then call roadside assistance.

6. How To Maintain Your Car

A car is a huge purchase, which is why it’s important that you know how to take care of it and make it last as long as possible. This means checking your owner’s manual and learning all about the preventative maintenance schedule for your car. You should also avoid speeding or driving recklessly. It’s just as important that you keep your vehicle clean and tidy, so make sure you wash it on a regular basis, and avoid smoking or eating in your car.

7. How To Buy A Car

When it comes time to buy a new car, you shouldn’t just walk into a dealership and pick the first one you see. Instead, you should really take your time thinking about the make and model you want and then look online and compare prices from a number of different dealerships. Just make sure that those you look at are trusted and reputable. Once you’ve found yourself a great deal, go down to the chosen company and see if you can haggle or negotiate an even better one.

Hopefully, with the lessons above, you’ll find yourself to be a much more responsible driver.

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