Student’s Tips: How To Buy A Cheap Car

Posted by at 25 August 2016, at 17 : 43 PM

Student’s Tips: How To Buy A Cheap Car

Almost all students want to have a car and therefore try to save money to buy it. In addition, some students have cars but they may accidentally break down. You may try to stop finding college papers for sale and going to the amazing restaurants to cut out the expenses, however, you may still feel that it is impossible to buy an expensive car on a student budget. But we can help you in this problematic situation!

Here are some tips on how to buy a cheap car:

1. Consider buying a used car

Some people do not like buying second hand clothes or other items, however, secondhand cars are something different. While driving a used car you may not even feel that it is not new.

Try to find the car with reasonable amount of miles at a low price (you can do it with if you have a little luck).

You will be amazed by the difference in price of used and new cars. Moreover, note that the cost of car insurance on new vehicles is much more expensive than on the old ones. Remember that even the used car can be a highly reliable mean of transportation.

2. Search for some dealers

It is understandable that students want to save money and therefore try to find cars selling straight from the owners. However, it may be not a good idea. Consider buying the car from the dealer not to put a lot of money into the car later.

In addition, prices on the car bought from the dealer may be mitigated due to at least two factors:

∙ “Implied warranty” laws

∙ Buying a “Certified Pre-Owned” car (which usually does not have any problems)

3. Think about your finances

Paying in cash for your car can save you a lot of money, because you can catch a better deal. It is recommended to postpone a purchase of the car if you are not able to pay for it in cash. Some dealers can help you to finance the car, however, they usually finance not by themselves but via banks .Thus, if the car is a necessary purchase, but you need a credit, then go to the bank by yourself to get a better rate. In addition, we recommend you to visit different banks to find the best rate possible.

However, there is one more option that is suitable for the students almost at all times. Your family and relatives can provide low-interest or even interest-free loans if they can afford it. While some students want to be independent and can postpone buying the car, others may like the idea of being a bit dependent but with the car.

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