The Ultimate Post-Accident Checklist

Posted by at 26 February 2018, at 11 : 59 AM

The Ultimate Post-Accident Checklist

There’s nothing quite as scary as being involved in a car accident. Your stress levels will jump and you will be very likely to panic. But despite your fight or flight reaction kicking in, it is super important that you try and keep a level head. If possible, try and ignore your anxiety as it could make you forget to do some of the crucial things that you will need to do after the accident.

Not sure of the steps that need to be followed after being involved in a car crash? Don’t worry; here’s our ultimate checklist to help you out. It could be worth printing this out and keeping it in your glove box!

Stay Safe

The most important thing to do after an accident is to stay safe. If everyone is able to get out of the vehicle, take them all to a safe space away from the cars. If the cars are very badly damaged and leaking oil or gas, you should stay well away as they could very easily set alight. If they are in the middle of the road, you should also move well away from the wreckage as passing traffic could be hazardous to you. If the crash occurred on a busy motorway, be sure to move up onto the grassy verge well out of the way of any oncoming vehicles. If your car is still in the middle of the road, don’t try and move it out of the way as this could be very dangerous.

The Ultimate Post-Accident Checklist

Call The Emergency Services

Once everyone is in a safe space, you need to get in touch with the emergency services. The ambulance service and paramedics will come and ensure that everyone who needs to go to hospital is taken as quickly as possible. They will also double check the walking wounded and treat them for any cuts and bruises at the scene. The fire brigade will probably come to ensure that the crashed cars don’t explode or set on fire. If someone is stuck in a vehicle after a head-on collision, the firemen will have all of the necessary tools to cut them out. Police will also turn up to take care of moving the cars out of the road and clearing the crash site. They will also see if any criminal charges need to be made.

The Ultimate Post-Accident Checklist

Swap Information With The Other Driver

If the other driver is on their feet and walking about, you should endeavor to swap all of the necessary details with each other for your insurance providers. At the very least, you will need to get their full name, car’s make and model, and their insurance policy number. You might also want to take the car’s age and color. They do not have to give you their address and you don’t have to pass yours on. Remember that you should never admit to the fault of the accident even if it was clear that you are to blame. That could affect your case and plea in court at a later date.

Get The Details Of Any Witness

You will also need to get the contact details of any witnesses who saw the crash take place. These people will be called upon to appear in court and give details of the crash if the case gets taken to court. If possible, persuade the witnesses to stay at the scene until the police turn up so that they can take official statements there and then. If they can’t stick around, you should take their name, contact number, and email address. Give these to the police so that they can be in touch with them at a later date.

The Ultimate Post-Accident Checklist

Take Photos

If you have a camera on you, it’s a good idea to take some pictures of the cars and the crash site. You don’t need a professional DSLR to get good snaps – your phone camera should be good enough, even in low light. You can then send these photos to your insurance provider and they will help them judge your case. The police might also request them if they start up a criminal case and want to press charges.

Call Your Insurance Company

Once you get home, it’s a good idea to call your insurance company straight away so that you can inform them of the crash. They will then be able to get your claim started. Don’t forget to pass the other driver’s contact details onto them. This will allow your provider to get in touch with their insurance company so that they can figure out who can claim for what. Your provider will take some time to see if you will be able to get a payout to cover any car repairs and maintenance. However, you should always be aware that they reserve the right to pay out – if the crash was your fault, there is no way you will get any money to cover incurred costs!

The Ultimate Post-Accident Checklist

Make A Claim For Compensation

If you weren’t the person to blame for the crash then you will very likely be eligible for some compensation. To figure out whether it is worth pursuing this, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer. Some of these lawyers will specialize in car accidents. They will want to know as much about the incident as possible so that they can figure out it really is worth taking your case to court. If they are happy to move forward, you will need to get a copy of the police’s accident report that was filed regarding your crash. Your lawyer will need to review this and use it to make their case for court. They might also want to speak to any witnesses before they go to court as well.

Try not to panic too much if you are ever in a car crash. As you can see, there is a lot that needs to be done to ensure you can get your insurance payout and start a claim for compensation!

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