2016 Audi XQ Concept V12 1920×1080 HD

Posted by at 1 March 2013, at 19 : 41 PM

Car of the day – 2016 Audi XQ Concept V12 1920×1080 HD

This is a gorgeous concept of Audi R8 design. The car is on HRE P47SC wheels. This is not an official concept design model, it’s just a fan made concept.

XQ features for Xtreme Quattro. The concept features the idea of the most sophisticated and complex suspension, braking systems and engine ever used on a production car to enable it to achieve incredible stability during high speed braking and cornering. And all this while always feeling like you aren’t even trying to do that. That’s the vision of this concept’s creator, and it’s a very interesting vision i should say.

This whole concept is a highly modified design of R8 model. With a more sleek profile and stretched proportions, this car model looks like a true modern future supercar.

This is basically all we need from a great future exotic sports car like this one is. We have a great modern looks already. Now all we need is some serious engine power, perfectly design interior, and it can be one of the hottest upcoming cars instantly.

Make its units limited to a small number, add the best materials to it, and it can make this car even more attractive and popular than most of the cars out there.

Well, all this is just the idea of a perfect future car. Anyone can try to imagine how this car really should look like and what specifications should be included. As for now, all we have is the design.

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