Top 16 Car Upgrades That Are Worth The Money

Posted by at 6 December 2023, at 07 : 56 AM

Top 16 Car Upgrades That Are Worth The Money

From improved fuel economy to mileage and enhanced comfort, there are several reasons to invest in the best aftermarket car upgrades. One good thing about car ownership is that you have the freedom to remodel your automobile to look and perform better than the manufacturer’s initial design. The specific upgrade you get may depend on personal preferences, budget, driving habits, and local regulations on car upgrades. If you are looking for some cool tips to modify your car, here are some effective aftermarket upgrades for the money.

Upgraded seat cover

New cover seat installation is always a smart investment. This modification will impact your vehicle’s interior looks while offering you a more comfortable place to sit and drive. Seat cover upgrades protect the original upholstery, add extra padding, and support the driver’s lumbar. Premium seat covers are built to control temperature, and some are compatible with heated seats and airbags. Find luxury options that perfectly fit your original seat, and you will enjoy using your vehicle even more.

Steering wheel cover

Similar to seat covers, steering wheel covers add a touch of comfort to your vehicle. They can provide a firm grip on the wheel, especially if the original steering wheel is worn out. New car owners can still get them to protect the original from hand oils and reduce wear and tear. It’s important to choose the right material for your steering wheel cover modification to protect your hands from scorching hot conditions and freezing. Common materials for steering wheel covers include fabric, leather, and eco-leather. Some car owners often choose generic off-the-shelf versions for their aesthetic glamour. A steering wheel cover that is easy to install and uninstall might be a great pick if you want something that guarantees hassle-free maintenance and replacement.

LED Lighting

Switching to LED bulbs is worth it if your vehicle comes with halogen lamps. Halogen bulbs are not energy efficient as they waste up to 90% of their wattage on heat production. LED bulbs are highly efficient, and they outlast conventional light bulbs by many years. Thus, an LED lighting upgrade will save you money on replacements, so keep this in mind. Make the modification seamless by ensuring the replacement LED bulbs are compatible with your car. Headlights, tail lights, and interior lights are examples of fixtures to consider replacing with LED alternatives.

Performance tires

One practical strategy to make your car operate entirely differently is to replace your tires with performance-boosting alternatives. This is more important if you haven’t replaced them since you bought the car, so feel free to consider this. Tire technology keeps transforming, so shopping for a new set will impact your car’s performance. You should also note that tires often require replacement after five years, so check the date on the sidewall and do the needful. As a tip, choose tires that are good for their road climate.


While drivers using perfectly paved asphalt roads can skip this without any issue, off-roaders will want to boost their suspension to make driving more comfortable. Your car risks bouncing out of control on rough roads without one. Unfortunately, this up-and-down movement plus aggressive tires can make driving uncomfortable and strain or damage suspension components. When replacing your suspension, you may want to consider the popular coilover shocks, which incorporate the shock and spring of a suspension system into one assembly. This investment is worth the price for those looking to improve their vehicle’s off-road performance.

Winter tires

All-season tires may be good, but not great for everything. If your local climate experiences snow and ice, you will want to get good winter tires. They are made from softer rubber with a deeper cut and more specialized threads, making them ideal for driving in the snow. Having a two-wheel drive with winter tires is better than an all-wheel drive with no winter tires, so feel free to consider this.

Adjustable anti-roll bar

Anti-roll bars are sometimes called sway bars. They connect each side of your car’s suspension, keeping the vehicle’s body from leaning or rolling during turns by evenly distributing weight across the suspension. The advantages of adjustable anti-roll bar upgrades are obvious in trucks, SUVs, and bigger cars. Car owners can adjust them to suit their required level of stiffness.

Stainless steel brake lines

Regular rubber brake lines may flex under harsh braking. They may also exert a mushy feeling on the brake pedal. Fortunately, when supported with stainless steel mesh, these effects disappear during the hardest stops. Upgrading to stainless steel brake lines is a great way to ensure your your vehicle is safe. You will enjoy the benefits every time you slam on the pedals.

Premium wheels

Tires may not do their job well without good wheels. The wheeling system of a vehicle is more complicated as it consists of the rim, mounting surface, plus the barrel. Car owners have several good reasons to splash clash on premium wheels. The first reason has to do with aesthetics. Original wheel equipment usually lacks luster, and poor designs and sizes characterize many. Upgrading to aftermarket wheels can dramatically shape the appearance of your car. For instance, opting for options that are lighter than stock tires will minimize the rotational mass of your car, making it more mobile. One frequently overlooked part of a car is the wheel-bearing hub. A low-quality one will easily wear and break; it can also affect the fuel economy of your vehicle.

Cold air intake systems

One effective aftermarket upgrade to boost your car’s performance is to invest in cold air intake kits. This addition guarantees car owners a host of advantages: you have the power to optimize your car’ horsepower, torque, mileage, fuel economy, and even more. This makes it one of the best performance-enhancing upgrades you can leverage to customize your car to suit your driving lifestyle. When combined with powerful performance exhaust systems, cold air intakes will give your car a complete facelift.

Parking sensors/reverse cameras

Many new vehicles come with parking sensors and reverse cameras. However, if yours lacks these crucial features, you can upgrade to improve your safety and that of others. Parking sensors and reverse cameras are useful for the fine art of parallel parking. These systems can reduce your accident risks by offering a clear view of obstacles in front or behind your vehicle. You can also receive audible and visual alerts when you approach obstacles and learn to park like a pro in tight spaces with these upgrades.

Tailored car mats

You probably didn’t realize their value, but car mats are more important than you think. They protect your vehicle’s floor from dirt, salt corrosion, and wear and tear. Tailored car mats are custom mats designed to fit your car perfectly and enhance the layer of protection. Find customizable options to suit your car style and experience their great functionality. Many premium car mats are made from high-quality materials, ensuring they can resist wear and tear. This will protect your car’s floor from damage and possible odor.

Phone mount

Nothing is more annoying to a driver than an expensive phone falling down the side of the seat or hitting the floor. Installing a quality phone mount will keep your device in place and make it visible. The icing on the cake is advanced phone mounts now come with wireless charging features. Consider deploying this system to avoid distracted driving and the risks of accidents.

Anti-theft device

Cars may be expensive, yet many are so vulnerable. That said, an anti-theft device is a sound investment to protect your valuable ride. Does your car lack a good anti-theft system? Get one for your peace of mind. Most modern cars have an ignition immobilizer, a device that stops the engine from starting when the wrong key is used. Boosting your car’s security with this critical upgrade will lower your insurance costs. Other great vehicle anti-theft systems to consider are dash cams and alarms, so feel free to consider this.

Premium spark plugs

Updating the spark plugs is one of the simplest and most affordable DIY car modifications. This is because they wear down with time. When you realize your car’s engine starts to run a little rough and the fuel economy keeps getting worse, it’s time to replace the spark plugs. High-performance types are made from palladium and iridium metals. These premium plugs can better withstand wear and tear over time; your vehicle will stand a good chance of operating smoothly and efficiently for longer.

Remote start

Another interesting aftermarket modification to make on your car is a remote start. This handy upgrade allows drivers to start their vehicles a few seconds before they hop in. Remote starts are affordable modifications. In extreme climates, they can trigger your car’s climate control system to get cranking. A remote start also warns up the engine fully to make driving in the cold easier, and your window defrosters start working once it’s activated.

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