7 Series BMW 750iL E38 Sedan Stance Big Wheels 1920×1080 HD

Posted by at 26 November 2014, at 20 : 32 PM

7 Series BMW 750iL E38 Sedan Stance Big Wheels 1920×1080 HD

Car of the day – 7 Series BMW 750iL E38 Sedan Stance Big Wheels 1920×1080 HD

We have, here, just a gorgeous 7 Series BMW 750iL E38 sedan. Those big wheels look really nice. Lowered by stance, the car looks simply great.

Every 7 series car comes with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) as standard equipment to help you avoid the surprises that the road, other drivers can toss your way. Building on Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and All Season Traction (AST) technology, DSC monitors front-wheel rotation, steering wheel angle and lateral acceleration.

If the system detects any oversteer or understeer, such as when entering a corner too quickly, it modulates engine power and can independently and individually apply the front and rear brakes to help keep your car under control. Another driver-assistance technology, driver and front passenger Active Comfort Seats, adjustable in 16 ways, with oscillating surface for anti-fatigue, are standard on the 7 Series BMW 750iL E38 and optional on other 7s.

The 7 Series has 10 inflatable safety systems. “Smart” dual-threshold driver and passenger front airbags deploy at one of two impact speeds – when airbags are most effective. There is front side impact airbags in each door, also in a severe side impact BMW’s Head Protection System (HPS) deploys which helps protect the driver and front seat passenger’s heads. Optional is rear side impact airbags and the HPS system.

If you are a person with special security needs, BMW also offers the 740iL and 750iL Protection cars. Built on the same production lines as standard 7 series models. Built with AramideTM fiber armored side panels, bullet-resistant (up to .44 magnum). Also, featured is break and bullet-resistant glass and run-flat tires.

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