Automobile Lemon Law – Understanding Lemon Laws

Posted by at 25 April 2015, at 11 : 40 AM

Automobile Lemon Law – Understanding Lemon Laws

If you are looking to buy a used car, you might want to know what your state has in the way of an automobile lemon law. A lemon is what some call a car that appears to be fine, but actually has many problems. This isn’t an issue if the car dealer or private seller tells you what is wrong with it, but it is a huge issue if they misrepresent the car to you when you buy it.

The lemon law is there to protect the buyer in the event that they feel they have been duped.

You can probably find your state’s automobile lemon law online. The laws for each state might vary, so make sure you are looking for information that applies to where you live. If you are shopping for a car, don’t wait until after you have found a problem before you look this up. Know the automobile lemon law before you buy, and try to avoid any problems by asking as many questions as you can. You should always have a mechanic look over any car before you buy it. They may find things the dealer has neglected to mention.

Though the automobile lemon law in your state is there to protect you, you do have to prove that they indeed sold you something that was misrepresented. You might want to make sure you have the advertisement you answered, or a written description of the car or truck and what is wrong with it.

This might be hard to get, but you really need that in case something where to go wrong. You should have a certain amount of time to return the car if it is not as promised. If you did not get your car to a mechanic before you bought, do so very shortly after just in case they can find something that you may want to have fixed by the dealer.

If you have a problem, make sure you let the dealer know that you know all about the automobile lemon law, and that you are not afraid to report them in an effort to get your money back. You may have a harder time when you are dealing with a private seller, but they should have to follow the rules of the automobile lemon law as well. Don’t wait around and let someone put you off if you have a problem. The quicker you are about getting help, the quicker you get your money back, or the quicker you get the car fixed to the condition they advertised.

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