Car Offences You Might Not Know You’re Making On Holiday

Posted by at 21 February 2018, at 15 : 12 PM

Car Offences You Might Not Know You’re Making On Holiday

The flights are booked, the bags packed, and the hotel is ready and waiting. What can make a holiday better than sitting by the pool sinking cervezas? The answer is hiring a car. Not only is it an excellent way to explore and be independent, but it also adds to the experience. Come on – who doesn’t enjoy speeding along an open road with the top down? Drivers have to be careful aboard because the rules and laws are different than at home. Sometimes, they are the complete opposite. To make sure you don’t commit an offence, here are the ones you are likely to make that are illegal.

Good luck and Godspeed.

Using Your Phone As A Sat Nav

Around the world, governments have been cracking down on mobile phone usage in cars. Studies show it affects a person’s ability to drive, so they want them out of the cockpit. Of course, using a mobile device as a satellite navigation system isn’t banned, and so people use Google Maps to get from one place to the next. Do be careful in a foreign country because there may be specifics of which you aren’t aware. For example, the phone may have to be in a fixed position at all times. Otherwise, it classes as using a mobile while driving.

Flashing Lights

It’s nice to do your civic duty on the roads and help another motorist. But, abroad, flashing your lights may force you to contact an attorney and beg for help. Where you come from, a flash means go, yet it isn’t the same around the world. For example, the Southeast Asians use their lights to tell drivers they are coming through a gap. Motorists that tell flash their lights and cause an accident can be liable, so keep your hands glued to the wheel.

Car Offences You Might Not Know You’re Making On Holiday

Drinking & Driving

Okay, everyone knows it’s a crime to drink and drive. However, there are limits based on your blood to alcohol ratio. If it is over 80mg per 100ml in most countries, you will be arrested. But, keep in mind that some lands play by different rules. France is currently at 0.5mg but the authorities are looking to reduce it to almost zero. That means you may not be able to touch a drop and drive in France in the future. Be aware of the regulations before having a crafty beer on holiday.

Sleeping While Drunk

You’ve had one too many and didn’t want to drive. No worries – just jump in the back and take a nap. Or, don’t as it depends on the country in question. Most places state that a driver ‘shouldn’t be in control of a vehicle while drunk.’ Sadly, it’s a vague term that can mean being inside a car with the keys on your person. Even though you aren’t behind the wheel, the police can say you could turn on the engine and go. Historically, lots of unsuspecting men and women have been stung by this charge.

Do you drive abroad? Are any of the above things that you do while on the road?

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