Do You Know How To Drive in the Mountains?

Posted by at 14 June 2017, at 12 : 46 PM

Do You Know How To Drive in the Mountains?

You’ve packed the car, you’ve topped up the gas, and you’re ready to go on the epic road trip that’ll be the highlight of your summer. You have everything ready…except for maybe one crucial detail, if you’re visiting the great outdoors and will be driving in the mountains, that is – that mountain driving isn’t like driving on the roads around your home.

Below, we outline five tips that’ll ensure your mountain driving experience runs smoothly, and you have a summer road trip that you might remember for all the right times.

Everything on Point

You might have had all aspects of your vehicle checked in recent months, but you’ll still need to give your car a thorough once-over to ensure everything is working as it should. Because you’re driving on steep terrain (often with a big drop on one side), it’s especially important that your brakes are in prime condition. Some people also think that they only need to give their tires attention during the winter months, but that’s not the case when it comes to mountain driving. If needed, contact a company like Wiltshire Tyres and make sure your wheels are fit for purpose. If you take care of your car, your car will take care of you!

Slower than You’d Like

You might look at Google Maps and see that your journey from one side of the mountain to the other is an hour. You should disregard this figure entirely because you’ll be driving much slower than you might like. Mountain driving is full of winding roads, a lot of uphill driving, and even more braking, so there’s only so fast you can go. Give yourself plenty of time to get from A to B, especially if there’s a schedule to keep, and never drive faster than you usually would just because you have somewhere to be. Take it slow: if nothing else, your passengers will enjoy the mountain views!

Changing Weather

Blue skies and hot temperatures down in the city means nothing in the mountains, where the weather can change at the drop of a hat. Make sure you’re prepared for any and all weather. It’s been known to snow in mountain ranges even during the summer, so always be aware that you’re driving in a place where the normal rules don’t apply.

Respecting Other Drivers

We’re all in this together. Be respectful of other drivers, especially if you do have mountain driving experience and are getting annoyed by their slow movement. You should never overtake on a mountain; wait for the driver in front to pull over into a layby before moving on by. Also, remember that cars driving uphill always have the right of way!

Your Car Will Run Different

In the end, it’s all about keeping in mind that your car won’t run the same, so don’t expect it to. Take things slow, don’t flog your car to death, take breaks, and everything will be fine. Now it’s about finding those perfect mountain camping sites!

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