Motor Makeovers

Posted by at 7 February 2017, at 13 : 35 PM

Motor Makeovers

You’ve heard the phrase ‘less is more’, right? Well, when it comes to you car, more is always more. More engine, more horsepower, more miles per hour, more memories — the more your car offers you, the more likely you are to love it. But now it’s time to give more back to it than you already do. Now, it’s time to give it the makeover it deserves!

If your motor is looking as if it is suffering from a serious case of wear and tear issues, then, it is in serious need of having a body paint respray, of which there are a number of services that you can use that will leave your motor in impeccable condition. And if you ever want to completely change the colour of your car, without having a change of car completely, then, you can change the colour of your car or give it a colour wrap in just two to three days by using specially trained services. Fancy a nice chrome finish? Or maybe matte is more your thing? Whatever it is, you can have it done!

If you don’t want to stop there and fancy making your motor look that extra bit special, or if you just want to be able to drive around without being seen, make sure to make use of window tinting services. You could even make your wheels look snazzy with an accessorised wheel trim, or make give your headlights a different coloured bulb. Your motor deserves to look the best it possibly can after all the miles it’s travelled for you — but please, please do not give your motor a pair of car headlight eyelashes!

But the makeover doesn’t have to stop with the outside bodywork — the interior of your car needs some loving too! But if you’ve already spent enough on other parts of your car, fear not, because there are ways of doing professional looking DIY work to the inside of your car for a relatively cheap price. For example, you can buy a curved upholstery needle and high-strength thread and get straight into tending to your weary looking seats and cover any holes that may have appeared in the fabric; you should then finish the job by applying fabric cleaner with cloth or rag. It’ll be looking as good as new, but then that means the rest of the interior should do too. A way of cleaning the carpet is to get yourself some liquid carpet cleaner and a nylon brush and to tackle what is close to a decade’s worth of dirt; cleaning up the excess liquid with a rag and a vaccine machine; and repeating until it looks as good as the day you first brought the car home.

If you do just a few of these things, you’ll be well on your way to not letting your beauty become an old banger! But remember, just because you do any of these things once, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to do them again. To truly give your car the makeover it deserves, you have to maintain it so that it looks like it’s just been driven out of the showroom, every time it drives anywhere.

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