Don’t Drink And Drive: The Guide For Prevention

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Don’t Drink And Drive: The Guide For Prevention

Many people drink and drive. You can even count driving under the limit as drink driving, because it affects your reaction time in a way that can cause crashes, just not as bad as it would if you were over the limit. Especially if you are in a bigger vehicle like a truck, which isn’t as nimble and will have a wider arc of turn. You may think it sounds simple to not drink and drive, but there are many things that need to be thought of, likely things you would not even consider. This prevention guide can help you avoid drink driving and all the issues that come with it.

Monitor Your Drinks

It is easy to forget. Sometimes, you’ll be halfway through a drink and someone will buy you another one. You’ll go for the fresher one, but you may have drunk slightly over half of the previous one in which case you could push yourself over the limit and end up causing an accident or being prosecuted. If you are, then, find a lawyer for defence, you can find one at A way around this is by monitoring exactly how much you have consumed. It can be harder than you think.

Designate a Driver

If you designate a driver before the night begins, then, you’ll all know who is taking you home. Doing this will stop people drinking too much before actually finding out who the driver is. Being a designated driver can be annoying, and it is easy to slip up and have one too many drinks, so try your hardest to overcome this and take it in turn.

Take A Cab

You can avoid the issues altogether by taking appropriate taxis to and from the club or bar. This removes any of the issues whatsoever. You may need to leave a car at the venue if someone has had one too many. Take control and call the taxi, it is far better than getting into the car when drunk or with someone who is drunk. Any form of public transport it better, so if you’re not happy about driving take a bus or train instead, it could save you a lot of upset later in the night.

Take The Keys

If your designated driver has clearly had a few too many, then, take their keys. You’ll be doing them a huge favour, and they’ll thank you for it in the morning. By doing this, you’re being responsible, because you aren’t only looking out for your own safety but those of your friends and the people who could be wounded or killed in any kind of accident as a result of the alcohol.

Watch Out For Spikes

The spiking of drinks is probably more popular than you can imagine. Guard your drink and don’t leave it unattended. Try to use bottles instead of glasses and keep your hand close to the top to make the spiking harder. Even if you’ve only had one drink, a spike can send you way over the limit in terms of drug laws and even alcohol laws, it only takes a quick slosh of vodka or whiskey and then you’re over.

Don't Drink And Drive: The Guide For Prevention

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