Why the Nissan Leaf is the Best Eco-Friendly Coupe

Posted by at 24 July 2017, at 16 : 16 PM

Why the Nissan Leaf is the Best Eco-Friendly Coupe

In the market for an environmentally friendly car? It seems that motorists are becoming increasingly eco-conscious and this has led most manufacturers to release low-emission automobiles. Competition is fierce and there are some excellent vehicles available, but if you are looking for something stylish, then, you cannot go wrong with the Nissan Leaf.

The Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is a funky five-door 100% electric coupe which is known to be the world’s greatest selling highway-capable electric vehicle. Cleverly named the Leaf, this is a backronym for Leading Environmentally-Friendly Affordable Family car and it is exactly that.

100% Electric

It has scooped dozens of awards since its release in 2010 and this is largely due to the fact that it produces no tailpipe pollution or greenhouse gas emissions at the point of operation. The impressive 2017 edition utilises a 30 kWh lithium-ion battery that allows for a range of up to 107 miles. You can pass by petrol stations, avoid road tax, maintenance is much cheaper, and you can charge the battery at home.

Style & Performance

The range and zero tailpipe emissions are key reasons why the Nissan Leaf is so popular right now, but another reason is that it is also stylish and good fun to drive. This is a driving experience unlike any other, and one of the most notable features is the fact that it is almost entirely silent – this takes getting used to but can make driving much more enjoyable. The stylish interior has comfortable leather seating, a heated steering wheel, and an intuitive Display Drive Computer. There is also a lot of room for storage due to the fact that there is less equipment onboard.


There are not many electric cars that are particularly appealing from the outside, but the Leaf is an attractive vehicle with a sleek modern design and cool LED low-beam headlights (these use half the energy that regular ones do). This design is not just to turn heads, however, as everything has been done with efficiency in mind so that you get the most out of every kilowatt.

100% electric vehicles are incredibly cheap to run, economically friendly, and much more convenient than petrol-powered vehicles. Additionally, many have the latest technology and eliminate the need to stop for petrol. With so many benefits, it is difficult to see why anyone would choose anything else. The Nissan Leaf is the best 100% electric car on the market as it ticks all of the boxes that you could want from an eco-friendly vehicle, plus it also has a distinctive style and is great fun to drive.

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