Keeping Your Car Looking Brand New

Posted by at 24 July 2017, at 17 : 04 PM

Keeping Your Car Looking Brand New

Everything about a brand new car feels good. The gleaming paintwork. The shiny hubcaps. The fresh smell of the interior fabric. This feeling doesn’t last long, and a few months down the line, your car is turning few heads and certainly not smelling as pretty.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With a bit of regular maintenance, you could be keeping the brand new feel all the time. Not only might this make driving more of a pleasure, it will also stop the depreciation value, allowing you to sell it for more when the day finally comes for an upgrade. Here are just a few tricks for keeping your ride looking good.

Wash your car

A clean car will stay looking new. In order to keep on top of all dirt and grit, you should ideally be washing it once a week. This will stop tree sap, bird dropping, and other unwelcome substances from setting in and permanently damaging the paint. You’re best off washing your car with hot water and a mild detergent. Strong detergents won’t just strip off the dirt and grit, they’ll also get rid of any wax or polish, so dilute well and always rinse off.

Keeping Your Car Looking Brand New

But avoid car washes

If you thought a trip to the car wash might be an easy way of getting those weekly cleans in – think again. Whilst these can be an efficient way of getting rid of generally grime and dirt, they often use strong detergents. Combined with the roughness of the brushes, this might strip off any wax or polish – especially after regular use.

Protect your paint

Of course, you can strengthen your paint up by buffing it up with certain sealants. Ceramic paint coatings can be a great way of getting the initial new-car-sheen back. If your car has already started to collect some scuffs and marks, this could be a good solution, allowing you to then take up a cleaning regime afterwards. When using products or getting a new paint job, always ask about the best cleaning methods to keep your paint looking glossy.

Keeping Your Car Looking Brand New

Shelter your seats

Seating can go through some rough times, especially if you’ve got kids or pets. Whilst it may seem like a drastic measure, you can protect the upholstery by covering them in blankets or protective sheets. This may also include the backs of seats, where kids may kick with dirty shoes or dogs may put their muddy paws.

Whilst on the topic of seating, there are many ways in which you can protect your interior. Mats on the footwells are advised as well as having a plastic bag or a car bin available at all times to stop rubbish being shoved in the cup holders or door pockets. A dehumidifier and an air freshener meanwhile can help to absorb and mask any musty smells. All this will keep your interior looking trim and help keep the value up if you ever want to sell.

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