The Two Different Kinds Of Car Salesman

Posted by at 13 March 2019, at 15 : 24 PM

The Two Different Kinds Of Car Salesman

When you walk into a car dealership, you are apprehensive of what you might find and experience. You hope that there is a car that will not only fit your budget constraints, but that you can walk out of the showroom with your head held high. Nobody wants to get fleased and taken advantage of. It’s a good idea to have some kind of idea of what the general prices should be for the cars that you are interested in. However, you can rely on a good salesman to show you your other options. They can make life easier by giving you clear evidence regarding performance stats. Yet, there are some salesman you should just avoid completely. They will come on too strong, force you into buying a car that you don’t want, and generally try to rush you. These kinds of people think they are more intelligent than you are, so they think you don’t have a clue about cars in general. What other kinds of people could you run into while in a car dealership?

The impatient and bored

Some car salesman are really, really passionate about their work. They love cars and although they have gotten into the business side of things, they have a great interest in driving and performance. These kinds of people can seem impatient with those that don’t have the same likes as they do. Imagine for a second that you are a car salesman who loves the cars in your showroom. You have packed your dealership with cars that you think do the job and offer so much enjoyment to keen drivers. Then you meet a person who simply comes in and wants something to go from A to B. you’re going to try to be and look interested because you do want to make the sale. However, eventually you might become impatient. So the next time you are in a dealership and run across this kind of salesman, engage with them and they might show a different side.

Knowledge and thorough

Walking into a dealership, you’ll know that somebody is a good salesman when they stand back and let you walk around without interrupting. They will know that their choice in cars that they have at their business, will speak for themselves. It’s also wise to allow a little bit of time between the customer walking in to the customer needing some help. When you can focus on the sale right from the beginning to the end, you know you have a leader in the car dealership industry because they are patient, subtle and focus their energy on you at the right time. For many customers, we want this kind of salesman to approach us. We want to take our own time, but know that if we look over to the salesman he or she will come over and gladly talk to us like they have been waiting for us.

Some people are impatient and just seem disinterested with us when we walk into a dealership to buy a car. Avoid these people and look for the person who humbly waits for you to call them over.

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