12 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Car

Posted by at 8 November 2020, at 08 : 12 AM

12 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Car

Owning a car is a lot of responsibility. You have to be on top of the upkeep and keeping it roadworthy. We have researched some ways you can upgrade your car to increase its performance, efficiency and overall look. So whether you want to upgrade to increase value, make your vehicle better or purely for selfish cosmetic reasons, we have got all the tips for you.

1 Tyres

Start with investing in a set of good quality tires. This can make a massive difference to your cars handling and speed. For more effective control, opt for a separate winter and summer tire over all-year-round ones. Be sure to inspect your tires regularly, keep them inflated and check the thread often. While you in that area, think about upgrading your rims. Not only can you opt for some nicer-looking ones, but upgrading to some lightweight rims will make your car lighter leading to better handling.

2 Brakes

As a car owner, you should have your breaks checked regularly. Upgrading them can improve your performance by allowing you to stop quickly and safely. So you can have peace of mind in the event you have to perform an emergency stop.

3 Suspension

Upgrading your suspension can help improve the handling, especially if it has been feeling stiff. Adding strengthening devices such as h-braces can help protect your car. Upgrading your suspension even if you have an off-road vehicle such as a jeep or 4×4 or you are likely to be driving off the road frequently, then upgrading your suspension is a must.

4 Air Intake Filter

Your standard car comes supplied with an adequate air intake filter, it is there to remove toxic fumes from your vehicle. Upgrading your air intake filter can help enhance your performance by increasing horsepower and efficiency of fuel intake.

5 Exhaust System

Upgrading your exhaust usually comes with the reputation that you want your car to be loud. Although this can be the case, there are other benefits to come from updating your exhaust, this includes being economical with the fuel, will last longer than standard factory exhausts and increasing the horsepower.

6 Spark Plugs

As a general rule, you should replace your spark plugs roughly every 40,000 miles. Standard spark plugs can often misfire, causing a decrease in the speed of your car. Upgrading to a newer one can be more reliable and decrease emissions.

7 Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are excellent for those off-road adventures; invest in some good quality ones to make those bumpy drives feel more smooth.

8 Stereo system

If you love listening to music in your car, then upgrading your stereo system is definitely worth it. If your vehicle is slightly older, it might not benefit from having BlueTooth. When selecting s new stereo system, we recommend that you check it has this feature. It will allow you to connect your smartphone without all those pesky wires getting in the way. If you have a good stereo system, but your sound quality still isn’t that great, then you should think about upgrading your speakers. Older speakers can make your sound distorted, so invest in some good quality speakers, an subwoofer or amplifier can help to achieve this.

9 Change The Colour

If you would like to change your car’s look, wrapping or respraying, it is a great idea. Wrapping your vehicle is an option if you are going for a drastic change, using wrap can also help protect your car from light scratches. REspraying or wrapping will make your car look brand new. Just remember to tell your insurer one you have changed the color.

10 Dash Cam
If you don’t have one already, we recommend installing a dashcam in your car. There is a lot of good quality dash cams available, consider getting one that has front and rear cameras for maximum effect. Dashcams have become very popular and increasingly better in quality, it’s always good to have such evidence when someone damages your vehicle. Some insurance companies will lower your premium if you have one installed, so it’s always worth checking.

11 Buffering Out The Scratches and Dents

If your car has scratches and dents, you are going to want to get them out. There are a few things you can do for thin scratches, purchase some polish, wax or toothpaste to combat this. Yes, you read that right, toothpaste can smooth out light scratches on cars. Before applying any polish, wax or toothpaste, make sure your vehicle is clean and dry. Apply the polish, wax or toothpaste to the scratched area and rub with a soft micro-fiber cloth. It is imperative to clean your car before, so you don’t create any further marks from dirt. Avoid direct sunlight and a hot engine before attempting this. For deeper scratches, it would be best to seek further assistance where a professional can use a buffer and respray your car.

12 Interior

Sometimes out car interior can begin to show wear and tear. Having your car reupholstered or investing in some seat covers can really spruce up your interior. While you are at it, chuck in some new floor mats too. Before you so this, give your car a good clean, vacuum up all the dirt, pet hair and debris that has made its way in. Clean and polish your dashboard and finish by adding some fragrance to your car. There is no better feeling than getting into a newly clean vehicle.

When it comes to getting out dents in your car, if the dent is small enough, you could try out some suction pad and try to pull on the dent yourself. For more significant dents, it is always wise to seek professional help, you don’t want to risk damaging the car more.

Thank you for taking the time to read our ways to upgrading your car. We hope we have helped you in this process. For some tips on what car accessories you should buy, click here.

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