13 interesting facts about cars for today’s 13th number

Posted by at 13 November 2013, at 22 : 03 PM

13 interesting facts about cars for today’s 13th number

Today is that special day of the month, it’s the 13th day. Everyone should know why this particular number is special. So today, we decided to post another 13 interesting facts about cars, just exactly 13 as it is today’s number.

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Below you can find 13 interesting facts about cars.

interesting facts about cars flatmobile the lowest car

1st – The Flatmobile is the world’s lowest street legal car. It is only 19 inches in height.

2nd – The very first speeding ticket was issued in 1902. At that time, most cars could barely reach 45 mph (~72 km/h).

3rd – The very first road traffic death was reported in 1896.

4th – The very first car accident was reported in 1796.

5th – In Germany, a car was developed which is controlled solely by the thoughts of the driver.

6th – The human skull acts as an amplifier for a remote car key. If you’ll hold it to your head, it will double its range.

7th – One out of four cars produced in the world comes from China.

8th – The most recycled product in the world is the car.

9th – Today, the oldest surviving car is the car built in 1884. This car was sold in auction for 4.6 million USD ($).

10th – Over 100,000 Ford Fiesta cars are bought in the UK each year. For 4 years, it is the best selling vehicle in the UK.

11th – In a Saab, you can play Pong. That game is included as an Easter egg in the on-board computer.

12th – In 1985, it only took 42 seconds for replacing a car engine. That is the fastest time ever recorded.

13th – Mercedes-Benz is the most popular car in Albania. About 80% of all registered cars are Mercedes-Benzes.

interesting facts about cars in Albania and Mercedes-Benz

So here it was, all 13 interesting facts about cars. 🙂

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