5 Smart Reasons To Buy A Used Car

Posted by at 18 April 2019, at 09 : 06 AM

5 Smart Reasons To Buy A Used Car

Thinking of buying a new car? Well, think again! Think about the alternative to buying a new car- opting for a used car. While many people reading this right now would argue that buying a used car comes with its set of problems, we are here to tell you why buying a used car is the smartest decision you would make:

1. Great Cars at Cheaper Rates: One of the foremost reasons to buy a used car is the benefit of having a great car at a cheaper rate. For instance, if you are looking to buy a car in Dubai, you would find that the newer cars are very expensive, and that you would get a better deal buying a pre-owned car. Pre-owned cars in Dubai can be easily found at many dealerships, in really good conditions; with price tags being lighter on your pockets.

2. Certified Cars with Warranty: As the automobile industry has progressed, so has the sale and purchasing of used cars changed over the years. Gone are the days when a dealer’s verbal assurance of the condition of a used car would be enough. Now, you have the ease of finding carefully inspected and certified cars right at your fingertips! Here at Carswitch, we pride ourselves with our meticulous process of certification-with experts personally hand inspecting each car. You no longer need to worry about the car’s potential hidden problems, and you also get the added benefit of post purchase warranty, which puts all your doubts away about buying a pre-owned car.

3. Lower Insurance Costs: The value of your car is the primary item which the insurance company considers when determining the rates of insurance. In simpler terms, the more valuable the car, the more you would have to shell out for the insurance company. So when you purchase a used car, the cost of insuring it would be lower than the cost of insuring a brand new car. Many consumers also claim that more money can be saved while insuring a pre-owned car- because you can choose some elements of car insurance to be removed, like collision and theft.

4. Minimized Depreciation: According to experts, typically, new cars depreciate about 20% when they are driven off the lot. During the first year, most cars would lose another 10%. That becomes a 30% loss in value within first year of ownership. For example, a car costing about $30,000 depreciates by about $9000 within the first year itself. This is a hit you could avoid by buying a one-year old used car. While one-year old cars may be harder to find, you could also opt for a two or three years old used car. Some experts believe that buying a car two or three years old, and driving it until you cannot drive it anymore is the most cost effective way to own a car.

5. Lower Registration Fees: As is the case with car insurance, buying a used car significantly reduces the registration fees; There are some exceptions in this case, as the registration fees in some places is uniform for all; but in most places, the car’s transaction price determines the registration fees. Higher the transaction price of the car, higher would be the registration fees. So buying a pre-owned car saves you some more money!

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