7 Tools Every Car Owner Should Have

Posted by at 5 March 2021, at 08 : 02 AM

7 Tools Every Car Owner Should Have

If you own a car, you should also own a number of car-related tools. Why? Because they will keep your vehicle running effectively, enable you to take action should your car breakdown, and most importantly, help to keep you safe.

Okay, but what are the most important tools every car owner should have?

1. A Life hammer

The life hammer may be small, but it is very effective at saving lives in the instance of a car crash. It will enable you to very quickly and effectively smash your vehicle’s windows should you be trapped inside as the car sets fire or plunges into a cool lake, for example. If you choose only one tool on this list, make it the life hammer.

2. Battery charger

A flat battery can stop your vehicle from getting started or cause your car to fail while you’re on the road. Batteries often get flat after a period of idleness, because you’ve left the lights on, or because of a fault within the vehicle. For the first two problems, at least, a decent battery charger will help you to quickly solve the problem and get back on the road again. Every driver should have one.

3. A jack

Having a jack and a jack stand for that matter, will enable you to easily elevate your car above ground level which will help you when you’re changing tires and completing a whole host of other fixes that require you to see underneath your auto.

4. Tire chains

Tire chains will help you stay safe on the ross in adverse conditions such as snow and ice. If you live in an area where the weather can get pretty extreme, you’re going to want to ensure you have a set of chains ready to improve your vehicle’s traction whenever conditions get tough.

5. Screwdriver and socket set

Cars compromise of more nuts, screws, and bolts than you could possibly imagine, so you absolutely do need to have a good set of sockets and screwdrivers if you want to have a hope of fixing all those minor niggles, that you don’t necessarily need to trouble a mechanic with, yourself.

6. Digital torque

A digital torque is extremely accurate. It will help to ensure that you tighten any nuts and bolts you’re working with on your car to a sufficient degree. A failure to do this could cause your car to crash, so if you plan to work on your vehicle yourself, this is one tool you really shouldn’t skip.

7. Tire pressure gauge

Getting your tires to the optimum level is vital if you want to stay safe on the road use your vehicle’s fuel as efficiently as possible and avoid flat tires. A tire pressure gauge will enable you to inflate your tires to the exact level suggested in your car manual. A digital gauge will be more accurate than a manual one.

With these tools in your arsenal, taking good care of your car, and protecting yourself on the road will be a whole lot easier!

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