Angry Elephant Flips Volkswagen Car in Kruger National Park

Posted by at 14 January 2014, at 16 : 17 PM

Angry Elephant Flips Volkswagen Car in Kruger National Park

Another crazy accident has been reported recently. This time, “a little bit” angry elephant flips Volkswagen car in Kruger National Park (in South Africa).

Well okay, maybe that elephant was just playing around, and he wasn’t angry at all. Maybe the elephant just wanted to flip some car (obviously it’s just a joke). However, for that poor lady in the car, it was no joke at all. She actually was left seriously injured after this whole accident. It also was reported that this accident happened in December 30th, 2013. The whole footage was uploaded to YouTube just recently (the one who filmed this probably was really lazy).

Check out the video below and see it by yourself. A small warning before you watch this — don’t get angry because of the camera man 😀

EDIT February 2, 2015: Unfortunately, video has been removed from YouTube.

Now, after you watched the video, you probably understand why there was a small warning before the video. Yes, the camera man probably was drunk when he was filming the whole scene, or something was not right with him. Yeah, he did a poor job and kind of ruined the best part (the flip). Well, what we can do about it…we can’t do nothing…

It is not the first time an elephant has flipped a car in Africa. It was reported many times about similar accidents in the past. Actually, a few years ago, a similar accident happened with another Volkswagen. That time, a victim was a Volkswagen Passat.

The woman (the one who was injured) in the blue Volkswagen was a British tourist. Also, it is known that she is a teacher from Lincolnshire. We’re not sure how she’s doing right now, but probably she should be doing good right now. After all, this accident happened more than two weeks ago.

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