Another 10 interesting facts about cars

Posted by at 4 November 2013, at 21 : 32 PM

Another 10 interesting facts about cars

Not long ago, we posted 10 interesting facts about cars. Today, we decided to post another 10 interesting facts about cars. Below, we have some really interesting facts, and we hope that you’ll like them.

interesting facts about 60 million cars produced in a year

1st – About 60 million cars are produced in a single year. That is about 165,000 cars a day!

2nd – If you could drive with a car straight upwards to the moon at 60 mph (~100 km/h), it would take 6 months to reach it.

3rd – A modern F1 car can drive upside down in a tunnel, but in order to achieve this, you have to drive at 120 mph (~193 km/h).

4th – Steve Jobs car never had a license plate due to a loophole in Californian state law.

5th – About 1 billion cars are in active use across the world today.

6th – About 80% of Formula One teams use an exhaust pipe coating originally developed for nuclear reactors.

7th – If you press more than 256 times an out-of-range car remote key while you are let’s say 1 kilometer away from your car, it will stop working. That 1 kilometer is just an example, normally that can happen if you are out of range where the transmitter and receiver are no longer synchronized. This is due to the method of encryption between the car remote and the receiver in the vehicle.

8th – About 90% of drivers sing behind the wheel. That doesn’t mean that they do this all the time, but that means that they’ve done that at least once.

9th – While Hitler was in prison, he wrote to a Mercedes-Benz dealership begging for a car loan.

10th – South African BMW’s can be equipped with flame-throwers to prevent car-jackings.

interesting facts about BMW cars in South Africa

Maybe in the future we’re going to post more interesting facts about cars, so stay around! 🙂

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