5 Symptoms That You Need Auto Fan Repair in New Orleans

Posted by at 7 June 2022, at 06 : 35 AM

5 Symptoms That You Need Auto Fan Repair in New Orleans

When you need a fan and motor repair in New Orleans, it is always best to hire a professional, unless you’ve had a good experience doing the job successfully. This is an important maintenance procedure to prevent overheating, which could lead to more serious problems with your engine.

The important parts of a car’s cooling system include the fan and when there is a problem with this, it should be given immediate attention. Delaying fixing can result in engine trouble that will be very costly.

What Causes An Auto Fan to Malfunction in New Orleans?

It is totally bad news when the fan of your radiator fails to function properly. You can do quick checks to know if your fan is functioning well or if there are signs that you should pay attention to so that when you notice them, you will know that you will have to get your car’s auto fan repaired.

The common signs that tell you there is a problem with your auto fan include:

Defective temperature switch, coolant sensor, or another sensor
The engine thermostat is stuck OPEN (the engine never gets hot enough to turn on the fan)
Faulty fan relay
A wiring problem (blown fuse, loose or corroded connector, shorts, opens, etc.)
Bad fan motor
The defective fan control module

The radiator fan keeps the temperature of your car engine in check. When you are driving fast, the wind passes through the radiator to cool the coolant down without issues. But when you are driving slowly, no wind is pushed through the radiator. The part of your car that functions at this point to cool the coolant down is the radiator fan.

So when you notice that one or more of the common signs of a failing auto fan is present, you should check your fan immediately and determine the extent of damage done. For a more accurate assessment, you can take your auto fan to a specialist mechanic who can have it repaired for you.

5 Signs that Will Tell Your Auto Fan Needs Repair

Your car can heat up to extreme temperatures, especially if your auto fan is not functioning properly. You will prevent engine trouble when you give immediate attention to parts of your car that needs repair.

Smoking from under your car’s hood

Once you notice smoke coming out of your car’s hood, it is time to stop driving immediately. You will need to add coolant and/or water.

The temperature gauge is in the red

When the temperature gauge shoots up quickly or is slowly heading towards the red zone, you will need to pull over and call a mechanic immediately just to make sure it is still safe to drive your car.

Low level of coolant

When you check the level of your coolant and it is getting low, you will want to get a mechanic to check your vehicle. A low level of coolant can be caused by an internal coolant leak. When this happens, the coolant can be burned up within your engine’s combustion chamber.

White exhaust smoke

This is a clear indicator that the coolant is indeed burning in the combustion chamber. Be aware of off-color exhaust which can mean that you will need the assessment of an experienced mechanic.

Poor A/C performance

Your auto fan can stop working and impact your car’s A/C system. This means that when you notice that your car will not cool when you turn on your car’s A/C, there might be a problem with your auto fan.

The fan functions by pulling air through the condenser and removing heat from the refrigerant. With a non-functioning fan, the engine just gets hotter along with the cabin of the vehicle that cannot be cooled down with the A/C, probably because of a problem with the radiator fan.

Get a Reliable Auto Fan Repair Service in New Orleans

When you notice the signs that your auto fan is having issues, deal with the issues immediately to avoid bigger and more costly repairs. Contact professional expert mechanics who can do fan motor repair near New Orleans.

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