What is Auto Warranty Coverage and what you need to know

Posted by at 6 May 2016, at 17 : 44 PM

What is Auto Warranty Coverage and what you need to know

Most of the manufacturing companies provide warranty coverage along with the vehicle during the time of purchase. Auto warranty policies have been mainly designed to protect the owner from incurring expensive repair and damage charges.

Many companies provide warranty coverage facilities even up to a period of 7 years. Comprehensive and extended warranty coverage is offered by the companies in order to ensure quality services to the customers.

Wide varieties of coverage plans are available to the customers. Some of the coverage plans include regular wear and tear combined with breakdown on account of mechanical problems. Additional coverage facilities may be added to the existing one to fulfill and satisfy the customer’s requirement. Certain benefits can be experienced by the auto owners during the warranty coverage period. Repair facility according to the choice of the customer replacement of mechanical and electrical components trouble free payment plan.

Certain features should be analyzed before signing the contract of warranty coverage. All the plans have certain common features. Six common features are made available to the customer. Basically the warranty coverage will be applicable up to a period of two to five years. Mileage cover will also be taken into account. After the lapse of the warranty period, extended warranty coverage may be purchased. This is known as auto service contracts, which mean extended coverage of warranty after the expiry of the original warranty. Any warranty company may be approached by purchasing the extended warranty coverage.

The second feature is the bumper to bumper coverage. This feature exists in all warranties purchased during the initial period. Free replacement is ensured during the breakdown. Oil and tyres will not be replaced as they do not come under the coverage of warranty. The customer is responsible for such replacements. Free scheduled maintenance will be provided to the customer. The feature benefits the customer with economical warranty coverage.

Auto extended warranty coverage is a promise made by the company to pay for certain services and repairs that arise due to mechanical complications. It may be called as a service contract. Extended auto warranty may be arranged according to the desire and convenience of the customers. Additional expenses are incurred by the customer while purchasing the extended warranty.

Automakers must necessarily provide seat belts and air bags up to a period of 5 years. Deductibles should be paid in case of purchasing an extended warranty. Payment of deductible entirely depends upon the selection of warranty coverage plan. Road side assistance is offered by many warranty providers. In case of breakdown on the road side, assistance can be sought by making a phone call. Cost of tow truck and rental or hired car comes under the warranty coverage until the vehicle is restored to the customer.

Several features come under the auto warranties and extended coverage. Established and reputed warranty companies may be approached to enjoy the benefits of warranty coverage. Convenient and suitable plans must be selected to meet the demands and requirements of the customer.

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